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Contemporary Review: Masquerade by Nicole Flockton

MASQUERADE by Nicole Flockton
Format: PDF
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 161 pages
Publisher: Crimson Romance (October 22, 2012)

After being humiliated by her fiancĂ©e, Sophie Franklyn has decided that getting involved with work colleagues and men in general isn’t for her. Now her focus is going to be on her career and her recent promotion. That is until at a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, she meets a man that tempts her to question her choices.

Alex Scavoni is extremely dedicated to his job, so dedicated that his first marriage crumbled under the pressure of his dedication. Now he’s happily single, with a new job he’s excited to start. When he meets a masked Sophie at the ball, she fires desires in him he thought long dead. He spends a wonderful night with her, but wakes up alone.

The next time the two meet, it’s in the high pressure world of Emergency Room medicine where they must work side by side. While they deal with the stresses of the Emergency ward, they endeavor to keep their feelings for each other on a professional nature. When the desire that pushed them together that one night flares to life again, can they ignore them or will their one night together have consequences neither of them planned on?
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I've been on a huge historical kick lately so when Masquerade ended up in my inbox, I thought--what the heck, it's a contemporary. I'll give it a go and take a break from historicals. And I'm sure glad I did. Nicole Flockton's debut book is a keeper.

A chance meeting at a New Years Eve gala brings Sophie Franklyn and Alex Scavoni together and ends in a night of heated passion. They had agreed that this was a one-time thing. No strings attached. Just a one-night stand between two strangers who will never see each other again.

Fade to a busy emergency room. Sophie is trying to stabilize a patient and a voice she didn't think she would ever hear again asks for a report on the patient. Alex can't believe that Sophie is in his emergency room. He thought she was just a flightly socialite. Oops!

A game of "I want to be with you" "No, you can't." "At least go to dinner with me." ensues. Sophie can't afford to lose her job by having a relationship with the new director of emergency. She wants to make something of herself, separate herself from her father's millions. Her ex-fiancee and hospital CEO only wanted her for her father's money and she's vowed to herself that it will never happen again. She did find him in a very compromising position with his secretary. Oopsie!

Alex is married to his job and that did a number on his actually marriage. Years later, he is on good terms with his ex-wife. He's vowed to never bring anyone into his life unless she is in the same field. Enter Sophie. He can't remember ever wanting someone so much even though she's said that the relationship is a "no go." He's willing to try anything to woo her and show her that they're meant to be together.

Will Alex break down Sophie's defenses and when one giant 'oh em gee' moment is revealed, will they both step up to the plate and finally realize that they're meant to be together?

Favorite Quote:
Standing on a balcony underneath a full moon with a stunning city view as a backdrop was what romance was made of, and his lips were decadent.
Overall: Well done Ms. Flockton! This book was the perfect blend of angsty, sweet, sensual and an intense sexual attraction. Sophie and Alex's attraction to one another will definitely have you cheering them on and calling them idiots for not giving in. The one thing I liked about this book is that it doesn't have drawn out love scenes. It was a breath of fresh air from the usual books with man bits and lady parts getting together for several chapters in the previous books that I've read. Nicole Flockton weaves a sensual story between two people who shared one magical night and end up working together only to find that intense pull is still there. This is a debut book you don't want to miss.

***review copy provided by author***

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