Saturday, September 8, 2012

Studio Smexy™ Saturdays: Sour Cherry Designs + Giveaway (International)

Today we'd like to welcome Sour Cherry Designs to Studio Smexy™ Saturdays. Cherry has used quite a few pictures from Studio Smexy™ and they're all totally hawt. We can't wait to share them with you but you probably already drooled all over them and then some if you stalk the Facebook page. If you're still practicing your stalking, these will be new to you. But before we get to the smexy, let's get to know the designer behind the covers.

photo credit: Sour Cherry Designs

Jamie & Kati: Share 5 fun facts about yourself.
  1. I do love cherries
  2. I love to travel and hope to see the world
  3. I'm a vegetarian
  4. I can do the splits and
  5. I collect old coins
J&K: What drew you to pursuing design?
Cherry: I have always loved art and anything requiring creativity. I started doing covers for Evernight when approached by the owner and I fell in love with it. I'm addicted now! I just wish I had more free hours in the day.

J&K: How many hours do you spend on one cover?
Cherry: It depends. Usually a couple hours but it depends. Some are much harder than others to do and some pictures are harder to find.

J&K: What program do you use to design covers?
Cherry: I have a few I play around with.

J&K: When you design a cover, does the author have any input or do they give you full creative control?
Cherry: I get a cover sheet from the author with a blurb, character descriptions, genre, setting and important elements. I try really hard to capture the mood of the story and vision of the author while also keeping it sexy and in line with the look Evernight wants to achieve.

J&K: What is your favorite genre to design?
Cherry: Sometimes I read a sheet and I get a vision right away. Some are more difficult, especially when authors ask for a lot of very specific elements. It's not really a genre a prefer. Sometimes I like to push my limits and try new things.

J&K: Which authors have you designed covers for?
Cherry: I've designed for dozens of Evernight authors. You can see my covers on my Facebook page or at

Thank you for having me,

My goal as a cover artist is to capture the mood of the book while making it attractive to potential buyers. I love to play with different elements and make each cover unique. Evernight has a very specific look they like for their covers that sets them apart from most, and I try hard to make the authors happy with my work. I look forward to working with my existing and new authors long into the future!!

Now on to the smexy that Cherry designed:
photo credit: Jenn LeBlanc/Sour Cherry Designs
Models: Jaci and Karlll

photo credit: Jenn LeBlanc/Sour Cherry Designs
Models: Antoinette and Karlll

photo credit: Jenn LeBlanc/Sour Cherry Designs
Models: Mitchell and Brittany

photo credit: Jenn LeBlanc/Sour Cherry Designs
Models: Jaci and Karrl 


ALL IMAGES ©Jenn LeBlanc unless noted otherwise
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NO COPYING, DOWNLOADING, or REPRODUCTION without the express permission of the owner

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