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Studio Smexy™ Saturdays: Model Derek + Giveaway (US/CA)

We first met Derek last summer as part of a bribe from Jenn for attending RomCon. We were all over that! Who wouldn't be when we saw this in The Rake and the Recluse: An Illustrated Romance by Jenn LeBlanc:
Does this guy really need an introduction? He's been everywhere and you can find him a conference near you. Check Stalk Jenn's tweet stream for details during conference season :)

A note from Jenn: Derek. What do I say about Derek? There would be no big PIIINK book without D. Who is now, and will remain, one of my closest friends.

He is an incredible soul. A hilarious goofball. A talented photographer. A beautiful voice. An amazing fitness trainer and a stunning model.

Oh yeah. And he's Captain Awesome.

Watch this face. It's definitely going places.

Jamie and Kati: Share 5 fun facts about yourself.
  1. Grew up in a very small town in Wyoming
  2. I am an adventurer and thrill seeker
  3. I have a song on iTunes
  4. I train A-class celebrities on fitness and dieting
  5. I am very spiritual
J&K: What made you decide to pursue modeling?
D: While competing in athletics my whole life I was always fit. But when I stopped, I started gaining some weight and I was not alright with this. As a struggling artist, I decided I wanted to get back into shape. I knew everyone would question me about why I am at the gym 2 times a day and why I'm eating so crazy healthy. So I thought if I had a goal in mind, people would be encouraging and not questions my sudden change in lifestyle. I made the goal of becoming a model and I didn't stop until I reached it!

J&K: You’ve been featured on several romance covers (Jenn’s, Mary Wine, Melissa Schroeder, Laura Wright and others) so which one is your favorite?
D:  I must say that modeling for Jenn LeBlanc's book was my favorite. Not because I'm biased of Jenn, since she is amazing and we have become wonderful friends over the past 4 years of working together but because it was a challenge for me. I grew a lot as a model throughout the Rake and the Recluse photo shoots since there were so many photos represented throughout the book. I had to get into character for each scene rather then just for one or two different cover shots.

J&K: What was it like doing shoots for Jenn’s book? How long did y’all shoot for? What was your favorite part?
D:  Working with Jenn was incredible. We had so much fun! If it weren't for all the dieting and dehydration, I could work with Jenn every day. AWWWW who am I kidding, I could work with Jenn everyday of my life and be completely happy! ;) We have been working together for about 4 years now. The first book took about 5 different photoshoots, 3 of which I was living in California for. After the first book, we got our rhythm figured out and each shoot after was much more productive. My favorite part of working with Jenn is how well we click together. We are both so creative that we feed off each others energy and you can see the results in her book covers. Working with Jenn doesn't feel like work, it's always play time!
J&K: When not modeling, what else do you do?
D:  When I'm not modeling I am a starving artist and a celebrity personal trainer. I make fitness videos and promote the health and fitness of America. On the art side, I sing, song write, and create my own music. I also have a degree in photography which I use from time to time. I've also got some other small film projects in the works. When I'm not working on projects, which is rare, I am at the beach, relaxing at home to a good movie, or I'm out rock climbing and riding motocross.

J&K: What is your dream shoot? (I’m sure Jenn can totally make this happen. Haha)
D:  My dream shoot would to be in the Mediterranean Sea, some place where the water is WARM and the current is gentle! haha And of course there would be gorgeous women there to shoot and pamper me :)

J&K: Describe Studio Smexy™ in one word (sexy and smexy are NOT allowed)



Derek has a look book if you want to get a copy, click HERE. What's a look book you say? It's pages and pages and pages of nothing but Derek you can ogle.

For more Derek hotness, check out THIS site. We promise it's completely safe. Just don't walk and ogle at the same time. We won't be held responsible for you walking into a pole or falling off a cliff.

Okay kids. We lurve this book so much and oh, Derek too so we're giving away a Kindle copy of THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE (Derek's first starring role) to one(1) lucky US or Canadian reader. Here's how to get your very own copy of the PIIINK book:
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A huge thanks to Derek and Jenn!
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