Saturday, September 1, 2012

Studio Smexy™ Saturdays: Cover Update

Studio Smexy™ has been super busy and is racking up the romance cover count. Authors such as Thea Harrison, Melissa Schroeder, Tes Hilaire, Mary Wine, Pamela Clare (just to name a few) have turned towards Studio Smexy™ for their cover needs. Today Jenn is sharing an update on some of the newer covers you may or may not have seen. (Depends on how good of a stalker you are when it comes to Studio Smexy™).

A note from Jenn: There have been quite a few covers out in the past month or let’s talk about those!!

One I’m REALLLLY super excited about is this one:

SO many things make me giggle when I look at this cover.
1. It’s Karlll
2. It’s Thea Harrison, who recently joined my local RWA chapter and she is SUCH a wonderful lady. LOVE her. I actually had no idea this image was for her until I saw her twitter AVI change and I screamed at the computer “THAT’S MY KARL!!!” I immediately tweeted her and she thought it was so fun that we had that unknown connection between us. What a crazy world. (Every time I see Thea's avi on my Twitter feed almost make the mistake of tweeting her weird and inappropriate things because I keep thinking it's Jenn. Haha)
3. Angela “the amazing” Waters did the design on this one
4. This image was an OUT! I was telling him something I wanted and he was paying attention, I grabbed the image because I liked his expression, but it isn’t really romanc-ey so it was just a pic. I put it on the site figuring, who knows? And lookie here. Perfection.

This one, if you follow me ANYWHERE you’ve seen. Derek and I were eating gator burgers in Desire on Bourbon Street (isn’t that sentence fabulous all by itself?!?!?) when I got an email with this in it:

Honest to God I squealed and Derek got concerned, I showed him and he said “damn that’s hot!” I said yeah it is!! WHOA!! And instantly shared it with people in the restaurant because I was so excited. Of course they had AAD badges on so they weren’t COMPLETE strangers ;)

1. Derek. I don’t even need to say more.
2. Brittany!! Love her.
3. Kendra “The maniac” Eggert *rawr*
4. Holy freakin’ wet studio Batman. WET. Holy wet. WET. *sigh* and damn. (OMG! We were there for this shoot. Does this mean we're part of Studio Smexy history? LOL)

OK, let me collect myself for a sec, ok?


OK then there’s this one:

2. Another Brit and Derek!! LOL. Funny, right? But we call him D2.1. WET.
3. Vivian AREND. And I met her at RWA. I got a signed card with my cover on it. OK it’s her cover, but WHATEVER!! I was such a fangirl at RWA it was ridiculous. (I was there for this whole debacle. It was awesome!)
4. WET
5. Another Angela “the amazing” Waters design. :)

OH OH OH check this one out!

2. GUY!!! And this was one of our first shoots, it was so much fun.1. MIA FREAKING MARLOWE!! Yup. I said it.
3. Brit! Yeah, I like this blondie.
4. Carrie Divine!! Oh my goodness she is...Divine.

I have a new client too, Evernight Publishing found me and they currently have 5 covers with my images!! Amazing! This is one of their first and one of my favorite, design by Sour Cherry.

Guy had a busy month (virtually anyway)

Well. I suppose that gets us pretty caught up, right?!!? Next week: well, we’ll see!!

So tell me! What was your favorite cover so far?!? Up for grabs is a #StudioSmexy STALKER button!!


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