Saturday, August 25, 2012

Studio Smexy™ Saturdays On The Road: Part 3

Studio Smexy On The Road is coming to a close. This is the final post in this epic trilogy in which Jenn is sharing the happenings of her trip with Derek to New Orleans to attend Authors After Dark. So, take it away Jenn! Oh, and don't be afraid of the stuff in pink parenthesis, Kati put them there. Bwahahahaha!


We shot that sunrise, and we KILLED it. It was beautiful.

Then, mostly dead, we returned to the hotel, got a late checkout and went back to bed. We woke up around noon and repacked. Derek refolded and organized his whole bag. I guess it was needed. (At least you weren't putting inappropriate things in there like in Denver. *giggle) Then this happened. See, Derek started channeling a dude known as Captain Awesome when we were at the RWA conference in Anaheim. (Y'all, it was all sorts of awesome and then some. My sides still hurt from laughing so much..) He showed up in the Gulf as well from time to time...

Anywhoo. We hit the road, next stop...Bourbon Street. We arrived in New Orleans that afternoon and got settled in then attempted to find healthy food. Even worse in New Orleans than anywhere else. We headed for the gym only to be interrupted by my Brandy smacking me on the ass. She brought the AMAZING Melissa Schroeder and Mr. Mel with her AND Joy of Joyfully reviewed! YAY!!! I was all sweaty and nasty, good times. But I was excited to see my Brandy, who moved to Washington while I was away at RWA :(.

Anywhoo, we worked it, then we went to a cheap unnameable store for water and protein bars and looked for a gym we could actually do something in. Not much shooting. The next day was the start of Authors After Dark which was AMAZING. SO much fun. I was shocked by how many people knew me, came up to meet me, tracked me down to say hello. Stella, who runs the con, pulled me onto the cover panel and after I introduced myself this pixie of a woman was looking at me and her eyes got wide and her face lit up and she pointed at me and raised her hand politely, and I thought, oh crap. Stalker. I was right.

She waited patiently for the previous question to be asked and answered by the panel and then she waved her hand around wildly for attention. She’s tiny so it required a lot of waving for people to see her. She pointed at me and said;
“You’re Jenn LeBlanc!”
and I said, um...yes. And she said.
“I just have one question.”
and I And she said
“How old is Derek?”
And I laughed so hard. I was a little terrified at first!! I told her he was 25 and the rest of the panel went by, then afterward she came up and introduced herself and I was like OMG yeah!! You are one of my favorite stalkers!! She had three amazing ladies with her, and I invited them up to meet Derek, I thought she was going to pass out cold right there. It was pretty awesome.

Anywhoo, her twitter name is @CPBlackburn73, and she reviews for Vampire Book Club (that’s her with Derek wrapped around her) I think, she is fantastic, I love her. She is so much fun. She now has her own hashtag, that goes along with her sweet diminutive stature #ninjapixie. But alas, I’m talking to much, right? MORE DEREK!!!

Yeah yeah. These were from a shoot I did one night with Tricia, aka Picky Me, Laurie B. London (YES THAT Laurie B. London-LOOK at the smile on her face!!), Vanessa aka The Jeep Diva and Carrie a reader and fellow Melissa Schroeder fan. We had a blast. (It's always a good time when we go traipsing after Jenn and a model and/or models. Seriously Jenn, we should start selling tickets for this experience...just sayin'.)

It was a great trip. I won an award for THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE. Best Historical Romance of 2012. My acceptance speech went something like this: “HOLY SHIT!” Seriously, Brandy had to push me out of the chair because I was in SHOCK. I had no idea. It was amazing.

But this...this is my FAVORITE shot of the trip. Because it is GENUINE Derek.

The complete lookbook will be out soon, I’m sure Kati will talk about it. :) (Uh, do I look like Derek's personal pimp? Wait, don't answer that question.) Until then. Back to our regularly scheduled #StudioSmexy



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