Saturday, August 18, 2012

Studio Smexy™ Saturdays On The Road: Part 2

Last week, Jenn shared a little bit about the differences in her trip to NOLA (during the Gulf oil spill and during AAD) and a little hint of Studio Smexy™. Oh why yes, Studio Smexy™ has been trademarked. But anywho, part 2 of Jenn's travel diary is sharing more pictures of Derek as they traveled along the Gulf and shot some hotness. A kilt, a cemetery, some Shamwow product placement, a Newsies inspired outfit and so much more. Take it away Jenn!

Studio Smexy™ Travel Diary Part DEUX
Where were we? AH...sunset.

*sigh* and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunset.

We found a place to stay, I’m trying to remember where... OH!! First we ate at the SHED. OMGoodness, if you are in the South, eat at The Shed. #thatisall

Their brisket is SO good, and the baked potato salad is simply divine. My bestie Melinda took me to the Shed on one of my return trips to the Gulf while I was covering the spill and we left our mark.

I wanted to leave a new mark, but we couldn’t find my SHARPIES!! *sigh* Oh well. Next time. We really bent our healthy eating for this night, but it was toates worth it.

My cup o’ water

We found our hotel, 20 miles away and headed there to run hairstyle tests. Yep. Or...maybe that was the night before. Yeah it was, oh well...model down!

The next morning we...we... OH!! We met up with one of my readers Pam!

She wanted to bounce for me, so she met us at an old cemetery and we shot D in a kilt. Now go with me on this, the theme of this whole crazy shoot is rock through the eras, and I was thinking a Ska/Brit Punk vibe here...

Oh this one is for my writer friend Anne... one of the Man Candy Monday Maniacs. She knows why.

Yes that IS a shamwow.


We left the cemetery and headed for lunch, probably, lol. Our goal for the day was to get to Dauphin Island, but a storm was chasing us down, so we jumped the ferry and headed for Orange Beach.

This storm.

Derek’s face as the storm approached. And it hit while we were crossing to Fort Morgan and the water HURT!!! So we hid in the car. :)

We tracked down a place for gaytah, they didn’t have any (what EVER!!) then we found some froyo, and our hotel. It was a REALLY nice. (I love Priceline...sometimes) We got to do some LAUNDRY!! WHEEE!!! I was SO happy. Clean workout clothes, YAY!!!

Anywhoo, the next day it was still storming. I won’t call it raining, it would do no justice. We weren’t going to be shooting on Orange Beach or Fort Morgan beach for sure, so we looked at the radar and headed for the Fort and OH MY GOD it was beautiful. This is what we call kismet. The pics are AMAZING.
This is an image from the beach at Fort Morgan, these are tarballs. The little hole on the right is the home of the endangered Alabama Beach Mouse. This beach is known for its powder white sand, known as sugar sand. You can see the lower layers of the sand were still relatively white, while the surface was stained with oil residue and covered with tar balls.

I’m not quite ready to share the images from the Fort. SO I’ll share a pic of the cesspool at the fort:

This was probably 15 feet across and it really was this color. Yeah. Get on in it D! Kidding.

OK, I’ll share these too:

(prepare to laugh)

But it makes me SMILE. So there y’all!!
OK...I MADE him do the jumping one, and I think he might have hated me for a second, or three.

We finished up the kismet shoot (because I was PISSY about not being able to shoot on the beach...) and jumped back on the ferry to head for Dauphin. My favorite shrimper was closed, so we had dinner at the little diner next door and headed for the beach.

This beach:

And Derek made a friend:

And named him Larry.

We went on to Biloxi, hung out in a casino until 3 a.m. then got up at 5 a.m. to shoot the sunrise since I was still pissy about not having a sunset.

More about that later.

Hope you liked this edition of the #StudioSmexy Travel Diary.



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