Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romantic Suspense eARC Review: Rush by Beth Yarnall

RUSH by Beth Yarnall
Format: PDF
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 239 pages
Publisher: Crimson Romance (August 13, 2012)

Someone is stalking Miyuki Price-Jones.

As the host of a very successful home shopping TV show that sells adult toys, Mi has become the object of an ex-con’s obsession, requiring the services of ex-Navy SEAL turned bodyguard, Lucas Vega.

Damaged by their pasts, Lucas and Mi find more in common then they could have imagined and secrets they thought would tear them apart could be the ties that bind them together forever. But with the stalker growing bolder, Lucas and Mi must learn to trust each other or risk losing more than their hearts.

One of them could lose their life.
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Can I just say that this book surprised me? In a super awesome heart pounding, heart wrenching, turn the page faster kind of way.

Miyuki Price-Jones is an onscreen personality that sells sex toys in her hot librarian with glasses get-up. She's good at her job but her every day life isn't at all sexy nor is it all good. There's secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets that she wants to remain buried and her life suddenly in danger doesn't help with the whole keeping secrets thing.

Enter tall, dark and oh so broody Lucas Vega, bodyguard extraordinaire. Of course, he doesn't want to really be there but he owes a friend a favor and he's good at this protecting people kind of thing. Not so much with the whole protecting his heart scenario.

Between the secrets, getting shot at, crazy fan mail from a particular inmate who writes in detail as to what he'll do to Mi once he gets out, Lucas and Mi try to fight their growing attraction as well as slowly trust each other so that they can finally get to the bottom of this crazy train before one more person ends up dead.

Favorite Quote:
With his sudden intake of air came the recognition that this tiny woman could do him more harm than a grenade strapped to his chest. It scared him even more that he might be willing to take that risk.
Overall: A strong solid debut from Beth Yarnall full of twists, turns, adrenaline pumping action and heart stopping, oh em gee smexiness. I just want to say that Beth Yarnall definitely knows her sexy and down and dirty. The chemistry between Lucas and Mi is smolderingly hot and I waited with bated breath as to whether or not something dangerous or totally hot was going to happen when I flipped the page. If you like your romance fast, hot, hard and a giant helping of suspense, this book is most definitely a 'must read'. If not, then pick it up for the smexing cause it will get your palms sweaty, your knees pressing together and a nice cold shower sounds better than putting ice down your shirt.

***review copy provided by the author***

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