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Guest Post with Margo Maguire + Giveaway(International)

The last time Margo Maguire visited the blog, she was sharing her self-pubbed novella under the Rock*It Reads logo. Today, she is sharing a little bit about her traditionally published book THE WARRIOR LAIRD.


Meet Margo:
Margo Maguire is a former critical care nurse who earned a degree in history, just because she liked it. Margo is the author of 19 historical romances, with two more to come from Avon Books in the next few months. Her books have been translated into 17 languages, including a few that have been turned into Japanes manga – animated books. She is the mother of three grown children and lives with her scientist husband in southern Michigan.

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I finally had the chance to write a hunky hero in a kilt! I blame it all on a character named Laird Dugan MacMillan of Braemore, who jumped out of the page and would not let me go. Luckily, my editor fell in love with him, too.

I’ve been writing Regency-era romances for a while now – about 5 books worth, plus 2 novellas – and I was ready for a change. I’m not sure whether my inspiration came from one of Pamela Clare’s amazing photo shoots or somewhere else. But I’ve finally got Dugan MacMillan – the first of the MacMillan heroes – wearing plaid. And wearing it well, indeed!

Dugan is usually a gentle warrior, unless you threaten his clan. And the duke of Argyll does exactly that in The Warrior Laird, my August release from Avon Books. As laird, Dugan isn’t about to take the threat of eviction lying down, so when he figures a way he might be able to pay his rents and keep his land, he goes after it. Much to his brother’s chagrin, he follows a vague rumor about a hidden cache of gold – the solution to all his problems. Nobody else believes the gold is really there, but Dugan has part of a treasure map that was given to his grandfather by a French soldier. And if he can find the other three quarters of the map, he will enrich his clan beyond belief, beyond any further harassment.

As he begins his quest, Dugan’s path crosses that of Maura Duncanson, whose own purpose is in direct conflict with his own. Maura is the black sheep daughter of a royalist earl, who despises her parents for banishing her beloved youngest sister. Poor Rosie is mentally and physically handicapped, and Maura knows that one more harsh winter in the highlands could kill her sweetheart of a sister. When Maura meets Dugan, and learns about the gold … well, she just can’t help but manipulate him into giving her assistance. Sure, she feels a wee bit guilty about it, but her quest is no less important than Dugan’s.

Of course Dugan and Maura bump heads - and other body parts - through the course of this story. I decided to stay away from the politics of the era (mostly) in order to concentrate on Dugan's and Maura's goals and the conflicts between them. Each character has to fight for what he or she loves most, and they come to love each other in the process.

Romantic Times said:
"Maguire’s latest may be her most emotionally moving novel yet. Replete with incredible passion and characters who quickly grab readers’ heartstrings, THE WARRIOR LAIRD will not be easily forgotten."

Publisher’s Weekly said:
"Maguire makes smooth, fast-paced writing look effortless."

Romance Junkies said:
"Despite having many issues at stake in this story, it never gets confusing as it takes readers on a delicious romp across Scotland. Cleverly written, this delightful story is packed with adventure, sizzling situations, deceit, complex characters, clever repartee, a hidden treasure, mystery, suspense and romance. As a longtime fan of Ms. Maguire’s works, I highly recommend THE WARRIOR LAIRD and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. Do not miss it!!"

If you're a historical romance reader, what setting do you gravitate toward? Regency? The American west? Scotland? Somewhere else? I'll choose one commenter to receive a copy of BRAZEN, my most recent Regency-era novel for Avon Books.

Genre: Historical
Length: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon (July 31,2012)

Haunted by horrors of his childhood, Dugan MacMillan has sworn to protect his clan at any cost… even if he must search for a rumored treasure and kidnap a beautiful thief to do it.

The MacMillan laird has never crossed paths with anyone quite like Lady Maura Duncanson. After saving her from certain death, the comely vixen had the audacity to disappear with his treasure map, his only key to saving his clan. He has no qualms about taking Maura hostage, especially when he learns she is to wed a wealthy old baron who will pay him a fortune in ransom…a fortune his people desperately need.
But, of course, Maura—who never planned to marry her despicable fiancĂ© in the first place— has no intention of being ransomed.

And the longer Dugan spends in the bewitching hellion’s presence, the less willing he is to surrender her to any man…at any price.
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You heard the lady. One(1) lucky reader will win a copy of BRAZEN. The best part? It's international. Yay! Now jump like the guy in the picture above. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment for Margo answering her question: If you're a historical romance reader, what setting do you gravitate toward? Regency? The American west? Scotland? Somewhere else?
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A huge thank you to Margo for sharing her latest release with us as well as donating the giveaway copy.
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