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Blog Tour: Interview with Kieran Kramer + Giveaway (US/CA)

We've had Kieran Kramer on the blog several times and have enjoyed her Impossible Bachelors series. Today, she will be sharing a little bit about her new series, The House of Brady, as well as a bit about the first book in the series: LOVING LADY MARCIA. Kieran balances humor and sexiness in her writing as well as introducing a whole cast of memorable and likeable characters.


Meet Kieran:
Double Rita®-finalist and USA Today bestseller Kieran Kramer is the author of the lighthearted Regency historical romance series, The Impossible Bachelors, published by St. Martin’s Press. She recently signed a six-book contract with St. Martin’s for another Regency series called The House of Brady, premiering in August 2012 with LOVING LADY MARCIA. A former CIA employee, journalist, and English teacher, Kieran’s also a game show veteran, karaoke enthusiast, and general adventurer. Without doubt her greatest adventure, which she’s taken hand-in-hand with her husband of 23 years, a commander in the US Navy Reserves, has been mothering their three children.

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Jamie and Kati: Hi Kieran! Welcome back to Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. It is always a pleasure to have you on the blog!

J&K: Share 5 fun facts about you that may surprise readers.
Kieran Kramer:
  1. I was on Family Feud and the Wheel of Fortune.
  2. I was in the CIA.
  3. I love to karaoke.
  4. I’m shy even though I don’t act like it.
  5. I wish I could be a hip-hop dancer and tour with Britney Spears or Rihanna, but I’m not a great dancer. This is only a dream, LOL!!!

J&K: Tell us a little bit about Loving Lady Marcia [no copying blurb :)]
KK: The House of Brady is a whole new series, and I’m really excited about this first book because I got to play with a heroine who totally rejected the rich, pampered life she could have led to become a teacher and then the headmistress of the boarding school she attended as a young lady. There are some deep emotions in this book, and one of them is shame. I think so many women experience this emotion in one way or another, and I wanted to work with a character who got trapped by it. Actually, both the hero and the heroine do, to some extent.

J&K: Tell us a little bit about the hero and heroine.
KK: Marcia could have been the “It Girl” of the Season, but she gave all that up. At first, she was running away from a problem, but gradually, she builds a good life for herself. She really doesn’t want anyone to mess with it!

Duncan is simply trying to stick to his principles and raise his little boy in a house full of love. He didn’t get much of that himself growing up. But he has to deal with someone interfering with his goal—and as anyone who’s been a good parent knows, you don’t mess with a mom or dad about their children without expecting all the proverbial guns to be drawn. Duncan’s need to keep everyone safe and happy extends to Lady Marcia. She doesn’t want his interference, however, so they get into some major conflict. Major sexy conflict, too! LOL!!

J&K: What was the inspiration for the House of Brady series?
KK: I woke up from a dream at 1:00 a.m. one night and thought, “I’d love to do a family like the Bradys back in the Regency—a mom and dad who came together from other marriages and brought three kids each to the mix.” So I wrote my agent and editor right then and there, and in the morning, when I got up again, I had no idea what they would think. But they both loved the idea! It was so cool that it came to me in a dream. I’d always heard about that happening to other people, but it never had to me until that night.

J&K: Plotter, pantser or plotser?
KK: I guess I’m a plotser. I try everything I can to get the story written. One of my favorite plotting books is SAVE THE CAT by Blake Snyder, but most of the story is still undiscovered by me until I get writing. It’s torture, and I wish I had an easier way, but I don’t.

J&K: What is the one romance book everyone must read and why?
KK: Great question. I think everyone should read MISTRESS OF MELLYN by Victoria Holt because even though there is no sex on the page, the tension is SO high between the governess and the owner of the castle. It was my first book I read with any romance in it, so it has stuck with me to this day! The heroine was gutsy, the hero was suitably mysterious and tormented, and as the book goes on, fate and love and magic conspire to get these two together under really difficult, nail-biting circumstances. It was the type of book that when I closed it, I was extremely sad to leave that world.

J&K: What can readers expect from you next?
KK: I’m working on the second book in the House of Brady series, THE EARL IS MINE. That’s Gregory’s book. But before that comes out in 2013, I’m going to have a novella that riffs off the Brady story…it’s meant to give the readers a little fun between books. It should be out in late fall. It was such a fun story to write!

J&K: Congrats on the new release! We can’t wait to read it.
KK: Thanks so much, Jamie and Kati. And thank you to your readers for all the love and support. The best part about being an author, besides seeing your stories out there in the world, is meeting readers online and at conferences. The readers truly do ROCK!!!!

A snippet with a mystery man...

His eyes gleamed with something that sent shivers of awareness through her. “I’ll leave you here.” He lingered over the kiss on her knuckles, and her fingers clutched in response to the heat of his mouth. “I’m glad you paid me a visit.”

She was appalled that she felt so reluctant to leave him. “I’m stopping by again,” she blurted out, “to meet Joe.”

There was a great silence between them.

“You can’t do that.” His voice was quiet. “For many reasons, not the least of which is protecting your good reputation.”

“I know.” She swallowed. “But I’m going to do it anyway. So don’t try to stop me.”

He lifted her chin, the gleam in his eyes becoming more pronounced. “You’re both headmistress and troublemaker. Do you know what that combination does to a man?”

“No,” she said, feeling rather breathless.

“It makes him unable to think of anyone but you. In the morning. At the noon hour. And at night.”

At night? Her face grew hot. “_____________, you shouldn’t—“

“Go home,” he said abruptly. “Before I pull you into another alleyway.”

And so she fled. Once she was at a safe distance, she glanced over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of him walking away. But he hadn’t. He was still there in his black cape, his gaze dark and steady upon her beneath the rim of his hat.

She couldn’t help herself. She turned and faced him, walking slowly backwards a few steps, her eyes locked on his, drinking in the sight of him. The wind blew a lock of hair in her eyes, and she pulled it aside.

She saw the corner of his mouth tip up once more, and her heart surged.

She spun forward again, and somehow at that moment—when she could feel him still watching her—she was able to forget the reality of her hopeless situation.

And for a brief, shining moment, it was like walking beneath an invisible rainbow into a bigger and brighter life.

Excerpt from Loving Lady Marcia ©2012 by Kieran Kramer. All rights reserved.


Genre: Historical
Length: 368 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (August 28, 2012)

Marcia gets schooled…
Of the three Brady sisters, Lady Marcia has always seemed the girl most likely to lead a perfectly charmed life. But after a handsome cad breaks her heart, she swears off love and devotes her life to teaching girls at a private school. In spite of her family’s wish for a London debut, Marcia is happy where she is—until terrible news sends her back to the Brady clan…and into the arms of an unexpected suitor.

On the subject of love.
A dark and dashing earl who knows Marcia’s past, Duncan Lattimore is surprised by what a fascinating and independent woman she’s become. Marcia, too, is surprised—by the fiery attraction she feels for Duncan. But why—why—must he be the brother of the scoundrel who broke her heart? Why must Marcia’s rival at school forbid her from seeing him? How can this lady possibly resist this fellow—when they know that it’s much more than a hunch…?
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