Saturday, July 28, 2012

Studio Smexy Saturdays: Model Karlll

A note from Kati: Karlll. Yes, I can't type his name without adding the extra L's at the end. I blame Jenn for that one. We met Karlll during our time in Denver and he's a totally nice guy. He's smart, funny and his abs, oh lordy, those abs...We'll let the pictures speak for themselves. We also got to go in studio while Pamela Clare and her son, Benjy, shot some footage for her book trailer. Oh, did I mention Karlll is Connor MacKinnon in the DEFIANT live action trailer? Yup, we'll share that too. If the pictures don't do it for you, his interview answers will have you swooning.

A note from Jamie: What can I say about Karl? We all know that he is ridiculous sexy and can run in the woods with a heavy musket. We got a chance to meet him in Denver and let me say, he's just as impressive in person. We didn't get a chance to really talk to him, mainly because our tongues were on the floor, but now we have him answering our questions. Oh, and pictures. We have pictures.

A note from Jenn: I seriously have to introduce this guy? Really? OK. I got a lead on a new model, who...hadn't really done much modeling. Someone sent me this cell-phone-in-a-bathroom-mirror pic, as happens often, of a guy with great physique and ok face. I figured, eh, might as well try it. So I messaged him on Facebook (yea that's how my lead hooked me up with him.) He came in to the shoot and honestly blew me away. First off, the Jersey Shore style abs pic did him no justice whatsoever, he has a beautiful face, an amazing smile, and the greatest personality. We did the test shoot and I was giddy. No really. I don't usually get giddy in the studio but this guy was awesome. He wore a kilt with style, he handled my weapons with a practiced hand, and he maneuvered the girl model with practiced ease.

He was a natural, and we clicked. I didn't ever think I'd find someone I worked so well with again. So I told him if he could stay for another hour, he'd get paid for both. I've never paid on a test shoot. Ever.

That's how I met Karl. I hope he sticks around for awhile because I sure do like to shoot him. He has fun with every thing I throw his way, within six days we were shooting a live action trailer for Pamela Clare's DEFIANT. Because when I saw him in the studio I SAW Connor MacKinnon, and Pamela and I had chatted off and on about doing a trailer. But finding the right guy just never panned out. Until Karl showed up. That's a story for an entire blog post which you can find around here somewhere. I did learn that he stalked me online before e met, which is awesome, and should be expected. I guess he gets hit up by "photographers" often? *shivers* Creepy. So he checked me out and even tried to type one-handed. That's my little secret ;)

Ladies and gents, let me tell you one more thing about Karl, he's no dummy. He is incredibly intelligent, brave, well-spoken, educated and humorous. Yep, he's THAT guy. So please...say hello to Karl. Give him a warm welcome, because I want to keep him. :)


Jamie and Kati: Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.
  1. I am a national champion in crew (rowing)
  2. I have a degree in petroleum engineering
  3. I love extreme sports (snow skiing, rowing, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, snowmobiling, paintball, etc.)
  4. I am a certified sailing instructor and competed at a national level
  5. I love to continually challenge myself in all aspects of my life, and I typically set my goals high!

J&K: What made you decide to pursue modeling? Is it a full time thing?
Over the years, I have always been approached by photographers/modeling agencies, and one day I just decided "why not, let’s see where it goes!"

It is not a full time thing; I have a career in the Oil and Gas business. It's a nice supplement income for "beer money!" hahahah ;)

J&K: How do you keep in shape?
For me keeping in shape is a lifestyle, I strive to inspire people around me to live a healthy lifestyle. I also compete in the national level as a men's physique competitor and I am currently pursing a pro card!

J&K: How do you feel about one day seeing yourself on the cover of a romance book? Do you feel objectified?
I think it is cool, although a lot of my gym buddies give me a lot of shit for it, but hey, it pays! hahaha

J&K: Besides Jenn, which photographer would you love to work with and why?
I do not have any specific photographer in mind, but am open to anyone that wants to shoot me!

J&K: What is your dream shoot?
I haven't thought of a dream shoot, but what I know so far is I like outdoor settings and love being around/in water! I guess if I had to pick a setting I would like to do something super extreme, such as on top of a mountain or hanging from the side of a cliff! Something that has not been done, because people would think that is too crazy!

J&K: In one word, describe Studio Smexy (sexy and smexy are not allowed)

Are you convinced yet? He had us at 'crew'.





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**Thanks to Karlll for the fun interview and always much love to Miz Jenn LeBlanc, rockstar**

P.S. We might do an impromptu giveaway of yet another copy of DEFIANT by Pamela Clare if Kati can snag a copy at RWA so leave your email address ninja style (yourname at gmail dot com) in the comments to be entered to win.

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