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Studio Smexy Saturdays: Model Brittany

A note from Jamie: I'm not going to lie, but I have a serious girl crush on Brittany. Her pictures are beautiful but Brittany herself is gorgeous. We had the chance to see her in action when we visited #StudioSmexy in person and then got to hang out with her on location the next day. I'm pretty sure she will think twice about hanging out with us again since we took her to a lake and made her get wet. (And have you ever heard three girls screaming at the top of their lungs because of one little bug? Yup, pretty sexy huh? Like Jamie said, I bet Brittany will think twice about going out into the wild with us again.) But she's a trooper and we had fun. Enough from us, let's see what Brittany has to say.

A note from Jenn: Brittany is such a FUN girl, she can bring a beautiful fun smile or some serious sass and attitude. She is great with everything we toss her way and I love working with her. She has been incredibly popular since we started working together too because she can be just about anyone you want. But Brittany is one of my favorite girls because she has an easy fun attitude, and she's game for just about anything. When Jamie and Kati were here for RomCon it was DAMN HOTT outside, so we decided to get wet. I texted Brit and asked her if she was down to move our shoot to the lake and, well...yeah, she is awesome. Even when being tossed around like a backpack.

Welcome to Studio Smexy Saturdays Brittany!

I'm really terrible at interviews! Haha but here goes nothing:)

Jamie and Kati: Tell us 5 interesting things about yourself.
Brittany M:
  • I guess some interesting things about me would be that about 90% of my ethnicity is French but I was born in Houston, TX and have always found myself to be a Texas girl! Haha I guess a little best of both worlds....
  • When I was younger I figure skated for a few years and always believed I would become one of those gorgeous skaters in the Olympics!
  • I'm a very outdoorsy and adventurous girl but I'm also one of the girliest girls I know! I love fishing, camping, boating, jet skiing, and four wheeling but walk into my closet and you will have never seen so much pink and glitter in your life! Haha
  • I've always found it easier to get along with guys! I have a few really close girl friends but beyond that I'm friends with mostly guys. They're less dramatic about things that are insignificant, they don't compare themselves to you, and for the most part they have an easier time keep up with me:)
  • I've always dreamed of moving to New York and attending fashion school at F.I.T. Fashion has always been something I've wanted to pursue as a career and something I think I would be really good at! I want to design the clothes for runway shows but modeling them is just as fun :)
J&K: What made you decide to pursue modeling? Is it a full time thing?
BM: When I was in middle school I was the very ugly duckling haha so when I went into high school I told myself I would show all those boys what they missed out on. But the older I got my wanting to be a model became less about everyone else and more about me doing something that I really enjoyed! My first shoot was with a photographer that was an old family friend and when I realized how comfortable I was in front of the camera and how much fun I had I wanted to pursue it as a serious career! I would love to make modeling a full time thing but I'm still fairly new, so for now it's a fun thing I do on the side:)

J&K: Do you get nervous taking your clothes off and is there a line you won’t cross?
BM: I never really get nervous taking my clothes off because I'm ultimately comfortable with my body, and I trust Jenn completely with the images she has in mind! I guess the line I wouldn't cross would be taking my clothes off for a shoot that would negatively and inappropriately reflect on my modeling career.

J&K: Do you feel like you have to maintain a certain size to keep modeling?
BM: I don't feel like I'm pressured by the other models, photographers, or my agency to be skinny. I am the size I am because being fit and healthy makes me happy, makes me feel good about myself, and I feel like I'm taking full advantage of my body's capabilities. When I'm not eating right and not working out I feel sluggish and unmotivated and that's not a good way to feel in my opinion!

J&K: Since you posed for some romance stock photos, do you read romance? If not, would you pick one up?
BM: I do read romance novels! Romance and murder mystery novels are my favorite kind of books, and since I started doing covers for a little mixture of both it only makes me want to read them even more!

J&K: What is your dream shoot?
BM: My dream shoot would be to shoot near the ocean somewhere tropical! I love the beach and I love soaking up the sun! Being able to enjoy both while doing something I love would be an experience of a life time!

J&K: In one word, describe Studio Smexy (sexy and smexy are not allowed)
BM: Oh man... One word!? Haha studio smexy is... Seductive:)

Studio Smexy Covers:

Studio Smexy In The Wild Outtakes:

Studio Smexy Hotness:

So there you have it. The lovely Miz Brittany M and her harem--Derek, Mitchell and Karllll (who will stop by in a few Saturdays). And today we're going to share a little Brittany with you in the form of her lovely torso...

Today we're giving away a Kindle copy of Brittany's first ever book cover: LORD OF VENGEANCE by Lara Adrian. We fell in love with this cover the moment Jenn shared it with us. Here's how to enter:
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