Monday, July 2, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Men In The Wild

It's been a month since our last man candy Monday post and for that we must repent. We spent a lot of time in Denver in the car, outside and traipsing about to places. We even got to go to the lake and laugh at Derek as he stood in waist-deep water while Jenn shot some fun promo video. So in honor of our time there, we're sharing some drool worthy men in the wild...

We think this counts as being the wild. Don't you? And he's wielding an axe. Doing a solid day's work. You go hot dude from Legend of The Seeker.

Oh Hugh, er, Wolverine. Need we say more? This guy is a total Renaissance man when it comes to portraying characters. *sigh*

Historical AND in the wild. Can't get better than The Tudors with all that horseback riding in the woods and a whole lotta bromance. You know these two totally did each other in real life. Not Henry and JRM but their historical counterparts. Sheesh!

Whaaat? Joe Manganiello aka Alcide from True Blood has us drooling over our keyboards. Besides, it was on last night. We couldn't help ourselves.

Okay, that's it from us. Join the #mancandymonday frenzy at 8pm central time (6,7 and 9) for the rest of us) to share your favorite men in the wild. Remember to put a NSFW warning on the ones that will make us spew our drinks and for the love of coccyx! don't get kicked off of Twitter for posting them. Workaround? Post them on pinterest or tumblr and have those sites linked to your Twitter. Easy peasy!

Sooo...who is YOUR favorite man in the wild????

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