Monday, July 16, 2012

Hotties in Suspenders

We are BIG fans of suspenders on this blog. Like drool coming down in buckets completely obsessed with them. Every time we're near the guy in the picture above, we request he rock the suspenders at least once while we're in the vicinity. And like a total gentleman, he honors our request. Maybe it's the fantasy of grabbing those two straps and getting a little naughty action along the way that does it for us. Or it's the sound of elastic hitting flesh. 

Who the hell cares? Let's just ogle some hotties in suspenders shall we?

Oh Joe. Um, those are fireman turnouts but lordy! That man can sure rock that look. Anyone up for another viewing of Magic Mike? A pitcher of sangria is on Kati at the drafthouse. Shall we shoot for noon? *smirk*

Gah! Ian Somersmolder in suspenders. Okay, half a suspender? It still works for us. Rock it, Ian!

Um, why didn't all guys with glasses look like this in high school and/or college. Seriously, we'd totally jump that in a heartbeat.

That's right Captain Jack, give us a flash of those suspenders and while you're at it, show us your gun. Yup. That one. Not the one in your pants. Although...

Oh. Um, what were we saying? Yes. Suspenders! That's quite the way to rock those, Channing Tatum!

And one more for the road... Or stay off the road if you're looking at this. Hot men in suspenders and driving don't mix. Trust us. You need a designated driver for viewing this hotness.

Join us tonight on Twitter. Look for the #mancandymonday hashtag and share your suspendered hottie. Yup, we just made a new word. And for the love of all things coccyx, put a NSFW on the ones with a hint of peen. That shit needs to come with a warning. Keyboards have been known to be soaked with wine from the sudden surprise of seeing a penis on the computer screen. How the heck are we supposed to explain that one to our significant others???

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