Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

When someone asks “What’s your favorite holiday?” it’s usually followed up with Christmas, because of all the presents, or Thanksgiving, because of the big turkey dinner with family. Or even New Year’s Eve because it brings ideas of a new start. These are all great holidays but for me, my favorite holiday is the 4th of July.

Ok, I can see you all questioning my choice but hear me out. July 4th is probably the most low-key holiday. You’re not forced to bring presents or start cooking a turkey feast at 5am, which then makes things stressful and stress leads to arguing. 4th of July is all about relaxing at a BBQ with family and friends in the sunshine. Or if you’re lucky, heading to the beach with a fabulous read. It’s a stress free day. It’s about spending time just living life.

And fireworks. Did I mention the fireworks? I love fireworks. It is probably my favorite part of the 4th of July.

Now if you think back to your history lessons you know that July 4th is Independence Day and our founding fathers fought for our independence. So in honor of those brave men who fought for our independence and especially for the men and woman who protect us now, I’m giving you a list of my favorite military romances. So grab a beach chair, a hotdog, perhaps a beer and celebrate the 4th with a book.

Some of My Military Favorites:

Deadly Descent by Kaylea Cross: I don’t even know how to describe how much I LOVE this story. This story is filled with emotion, action and romance. It brought tears to my eyes and also set my cheeks on fire with the sexual chemistry between Cam and Devon. Kaylea Cross does an amazing job connecting the romance with the action.
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SEAL of My Dreams anthology: Filled with some great stories (Signed, SEALed, Delivered…I’m Yours by Christie Ridgeway is my favorite) what’s even better is that all proceeds from the book go to Veterans Research Corporation.
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Possession by Melissa Schroeder: Deke is probably my favorite hero in Melissa Schroeder’s Little Harmless Military series but there are a few men waiting in the wings that I can’t wait to read about.
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Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard: Filled with action this kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t stop reading. But the relationship between Jenna and Gabe is complicated and had me in knots. Gabe is tortured but you can’t help but love him.
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Now I know I’m forgetting some incredible stories, and I’ll be kicking myself later when I think of more but these are amazing reads. What about you? Do you have any favorite military romances?
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