Thursday, July 12, 2012

Double Erotic Review: Immersed in Pleasure + Submit To Desire by Tiffany Reisz

One of the best things I love about Tiffany Reisz stories is that they all take place in the same world. Whether you’re reading The Siren or the free reads on her website you’ll no doubt run into a familiar face, or two. So while I wait for The Angel, the sequel to The Siren, I read two novellas that Tiffany has out because I can’t get enough of her writing.

First up, a story about a mermaid and a prince.

Format: Kindle
Genre: Erotic
Length: 46 pages
Publisher: Spice Briefs (March 1,2012)

The Manhattan Mermaids: Believed to be the most beautiful women in the city, they entertain wealthy, powerful men in an exclusive club called Fathoms...and are all virgins. Derek Prince doesn't believe they really exist, until he meets the stunningly sensual Xenia. She drives him wild with desire, but giving in to temptation means losing her position at Fathoms. Derek is incredibly turned on by the thought of being Xenia's first...but will he be willing to wait for her?
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Ok, so its not that story but there is a mermaid, Xenia, and a Derek Prince in Immersed in Pleasure. It’s a short story about how Derek meets a mermaid in one of Kingsley Edge’s infamous nightclubs. As if being a mermaid wasn’t special enough, these mermaids are also virgins and Xenia is no exception. Derek wants Xenia and there is amazing chemistry between them but being with Derek will end her career as a mermaid.

Immersed in Pleasure has a fairytale feel to it… well, a very erotic fairytale. It’s told from Derek’s perspective as he tells his friends about a mermaid he met. It has a very sweet feeling to it, but it is still sensual especially between Derek and Xenia. But there is Kingsley and his charming self who steals the show by just being himself.

Immersed in Pleasure is tame in comparison to Tiffany’s other stories, but it still has her flare of story telling.

Favorite Quote:
“Land is grand, Mr. Prince, but wetter is better. Some days, it is good to be the King.”

And last but definitely not least we have Submit To Desire, which stars our master of kink, Kingsley Edge.

Format: Kindle
Genre: Erotic
Length: 45 pages
Publisher: Spice Briefs (July 1,2012)

Charlotte Brand is tired of dull boyfriends and boring sex. Kingsley Edge, who owns clubs rumored to supply more than just cocktails, seems just the man to revive her: intense, sophisticated…and looking for a submissive he can train for an elite client.

Charlotte is seduced by the offer…and by Kingsley himself. Soon they are engaged in a series of lessons that test her darkest desires. But when their training is over, will Charlotte be ready to let him go?
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Charlotte Brand is celebrating the recent breakup of her too nice boyfriend when she catches the eye of Kingsley Edge. After a night of drinking with her friends she finds herself waking up on the floor of the club with an amused Kingsley offering her a shower, pancakes and a proposition. Charlie, as King has renamed her, takes him up on the first two but is hesitant to accept his proposal. But Kingsley is very convincing and soon Charlie finds herself submitting to him and her desires.

OH.MY.GOD. Hello, Kingsley. That man can make me pancakes anytime he wants. In the past we haven’t really had a chance to see Kingsley in action but this gives us a look into the man behind the awesome suits. I, for one, cannot wait for more Kingsley.

Submit to Desire is kink but it’s more than just kinky sex. Tiffany does an amazing job of explaining about BDSM through the story. She doesn’t throw you into the deep end but takes you on a journey with Charlie.

Favorite Quote:
“Charlie, in this house, the word slut is the highest compliment I can give. It means you are a person who owns her sexuality and is unafraid to experiment and open her mind and body to new experiences. I’m a slut, too.”

“I’ve noticed.”

So while you wait for The Angel I suggest you pick up these two stories to get your fix. If you haven’t read anything by Tiffany Reisz then I suggest you start.

***review copies bought for Kindle***

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