Saturday, June 30, 2012

Studio Smexy Saturdays: It's Real!!!

Oh. Em. Gee. Studio Smexy is totally real and totally smoking hot! Today we bring you images from our time IN Studio Smexy but words could not even begin to describe all the behind the scenes shenanigans so some pictures will have to do...

A note from Jenn: Last week was truly special. RomCon has become a thing, in two short years. Last year I convinced a group of bloggers to come out and play, and play we did. This year Jamie + Kati returned, and we did it all again, bigger and better than ever before. It was a BLAST. We did an honest-to-God studio shoot, shot a bunch of stock and one really beautiful image for the ├╝ber amazing Delilah Marvelle. But that we can talk about soon. Right now I want to talk about the ladies of RRFTLOR. These two are amazing, and between us and Derek the laughs were epic, I know I have stellar abs now, you just can't seeeee them. ;)

So today's edition of #StudioSmexy is all about the live shoot with these two, which was really THREE shoots, one location, one studio stock, and one studio live action for a book trailer. We mixed it up pretty well. So without further ado, I give you #StudioSmexy live, with Jamie + Kati.
Jamie: Ok, so you’ve seen the pictures and drooled over the models. And we know you’ve been dying to be a fly on the wall for these sexy shoots, I know we have. Well, last Sunday, after RomCon ended, the fabulous Jenn LeBlanc took us to her studio where we got first hand experience of #StudioSmexy. Now I’ll try not to ramble since I know you probably won't even read these words and just stare at the pictures. I don’t blame you.

And now I give you our behind the scenes look inside Studio Smexy.

First up were some Steampunk shots with the beautiful Aubrey and Derek, and then we got Karl in the mix. Yes, THAT Karl, the uber sexy guy from last week's Studio Smexy post. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Karl is indeed as sexy in person as he is in pictures.

Special guests Delilah Marvelle and Maire Claremont stopped by the studio to get some ideas for a secret project. *Stay tuned for more on that in the up coming months*

Brittany M arrived and we put her in a gorgeous red gown. Not only is she beautiful but also, she’s really nice. Karl put on a kilt and with his long hair he looks like a Scottish Laird.

Then we got wet. Ok, we got the models wet. What were you thinking you dirty girls? So on came the water and off came the clothes. Derek got lucky and was in a Brittany sandwich. Then we got Karl wet and well, I’ll just let the pictures speak for me.

Brittany L and Karllll
Monday came and we picked up Brittany M and headed out to the lake. Jenn wanted to get some video of Derek in the water, which was pretty hot if you ask me. Then we thought it was a great idea to get Brittany in the water. Poor Brittany is going to think twice about agreeing to hangout with us.

Then we got to be part of something super amazing. Pamela Clare is working on a live action book trailer for her up coming release of Defiant. Pamela was there with her son Benjy to film some Connor and Wentworth scenes. I laughed so hard at Derek and Karl. My favorite part was Derek (as Wentworth) is asking Karl (Connor) for help in rescuing his niece and at the end of the speech Karl doesn’t move and Derek looks at him and says “Are you just going to stand there?” We all lost it.
Pamela also showed us the musket, which is an actual musket. We got a whole lesson in how to fire one and there may have been some sparks when Pamela pulled the trigger.

It was an amazing experience. It was also a lot of hard work but getting to stare at half naked men makes it a bit more bearable.

Don't forget about our DEFIANT giveaway from last week's Studio Smexy. You've got until 7/2 to enter.

P.S. One of our favorite Studio Smexy models who we met last year, Levi, has been greatly affected by the Colorado fires. His family lost everything. If you are an author or blogger looking for stock photo, please check out his pictures. All proceeds from Levi's photos will go directly to him and his family. Please help them out.

***This post was set up during lack of sleep so we may have left out quite a bit of pictures and a whole lotta detail. We blame it on Earl. Don't know Earl? You need to find our tweets from that Earl induced night. We've got so many more pictures that we'll do another post on another Saturday. For reals.***
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