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Studio Smexy Saturdays: DEFIANT by Pamela Clare

OH.MY.GOD.Y'ALL. Today's Studio Smexy is going to blow your socks off. Pamela Clare (The I-Team series) and Jenn LeBlanc teamed up to bring DEFIANT to life. Yup, the never before published, much anticipated story of Connor MacKinnon (Surrender and Untamed) will release July 3rd and you'll get a live action book trailer. We're featuring stills and outtakes from the shoot. So sit down (specifically in a chair that has arm rests), grab some paper towels to wipe off the drool on your keyboard and get ready to subconsciously pet your screen while we're at RomCon totally petting the abs displayed below. Hopefully we won't scare him away. P.S. Check out Pamela's post earlier this week on her blog.


Meet Pamela:
Colorado author Pamela Clare began her writing career as a columnist and investigative reporter and eventually became the first woman editor-in-chief of two different newspapers. Along the way, she and her team won numerous state and national honors, including the National Journalism Award for Public Service. In 2011, Clare was awarded the Keeper of the Flame Lifetime Achievement Award. A single mother with two sons, she writes historical romance and contemporary romantic suspense at the foot of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Connect with Pamela: Author Site | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Blog

A note from Jenn: This is a bit of a passion for me. Pamela and I talked briefly last summer about doing a live action trailer for SURRENDER 2.0, then UNTAMED, and DEFIANT, but it never really happened because of historical constraints or models, or a host of other projects we were both ridiculously busy with (hello actual book writing?) Then last Sunday I shot a test with a new guy for #StudioSmexy and all I could think of was Connor. I texted Pam from the shoot, with a pic, and said Connor? She said yes, and I ran with it.

6 days later we were shooting the live-action trailer for her upcoming release, DEFIANT. It was absolutely incredible. Not only is Karl a natural, but he really is just an all-around great person. He is outdoorsy, active, extreme and—OH!— dead sexy. Don't think for one second I'd skimp on that one. This guy is the real deal and I am THRILLED that we have him to work with.

My dearest Cora went location scouting with me that Wednesday, so we knew where we were shooting, and Pam, Benjy, her son who is also an amazing filmmaker, and I started throwing emails around. Pam purchased the coup de gråce a Brown Bess Musket. It's really a beautiful weapon, and there's simply no way to shoot Connor, or any of the MacKinnon brother's without it. Add the props I have at my disposal, a claidheamh mòr more commonly, (or Englishly) known as a claymore or great sword, my sgian dubh, some leather, some clamps, we were on a roll. We really did have Connor and the shoot was a go.

I'm not giving out the locations of the actual shoot for a variety of reasons, but we were, of course, in Colorado, in the Rockies.

The first thing we did was dunk Karl in a lake, shoot his motion on the water, get him bloody and messy, bit by a few giant mosquitoes, then pack it in and head up higher. The second location was amazing, set into the side of the mountain and completely surrounded by wilderness, we were all really taken back to the time of the Rangers and both Pam and I got shills watching as Benjy directed Karl in what he wanted from him. The shoot was brilliant. I loved every minute and can't wait to work with everyone again.

I'm quite looking forward to the final product, which will be released as part of Pamela's big release party for DEFIANT, so stay tuned. It is going to be MAJOR. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the stills and outtakes from today's shoot. Here's the crew:

Author, AD, and etcetera: Pamela Clare
Director: Benjamin White-Patarino
Grip: Cora Kemp
Photographer: Jenn LeBlanc
Model: Karl

Wow, wow, wow!!!! The trailer is going to be EPIC! So in celebration of this fabulous collaboration between two awesomesauce authors, we are giving a copy of DEFIANT away when it releases.

Okay, so we can't give Karl away because he doesn't fit in a box (haha, if you get why we're laughing, you get an extra entry) but we can give away a copy of DEFIANT when it release on July 3rd. Open to wherever Book Depository ships. **International** So here's how to get your hands the much anticipated conclusion to the MacKinnon's Rangers trilogy:
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A huge thank you to Jenn *rockstar* for all the pictures and a huge thank you to Pamela for such an abtastic hero.

ALL IMAGES ©Jenn LeBlanc 
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NO COPYING, DOWNLOADING, or REPRODUCTION without the express permission of the owner

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