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Rock*it Reads: Guest Post with Mia Marlowe + Giveaway

Mia Marlowe writes hot historicals for Kensington as well as partnering with Connie Mason writing sexy historicals for Sourcebooks. Today she's sharing a little bit about her self-pubbed books under the Rock*It Reads log and giving away her latest release, HOW TO PLEASE A PIRATE. Yum!


Meet Mia:
Mia writes sensual historical romance with a sparkle of magic for Kensington and Sourcebooks. Her work was featured in PEOPLE magazine’s Best of 2010 edition. One of her books is on display at the Museum of London Docklands alongside Johnny Depp memorabilia. Mia’s most recent release, TOUCH OF A ROGUE, was named a Top Ten Best Romance for Spring 2012 by Publishers Weekly. But the accolades that mean the most to her come from her readers! She loves to connect with other people who also adore books.

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A Foot in Both Worlds
by Mia Marlowe

I love writing for my NY publishers. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing my stories on the bookstore shelves and there will always be readers who prefer a physical book whose pages they can dog-ear and whose spine will hopefully be cracked from multiple readings. But, there are other readers—and I’m beginning to count myself among them—who are addicted to their ereaders and can’t wait to download the next release from their favorite author.

Joining Rock*It Reads made it possible for me to offer stories to both types of readers and has provided me with a home for my Dorchester backlist. You see, before I moved to Kensington and Sourcebooks, I used to write as both Emily Bryan and Diana Groe. While it seems confusing to readers that authors frequently have more than one pen name, it is a pretty standard publishing practice and often writers have little say in the matter. But since I’m in control with my self-published titles, I’m happy to be able to consolidate all my work under just one name now—Mia Marlowe.

But not all my Rock*It Reads titles are reissues. A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS is an original novella. It started as an experiment on my blog. I posted a new chapter each month and invited readers to suggest possible plot points along the way. Then I when I hit about Chapter 6, my agent let me know she’d sold two of my proposals for multiple titles each. My writing schedule filled in like a flooded basement! But even though I had to put my DUKE on hold for a while, I never forgot about him and now he’s a Rock*It Read!

I still have more backlist titles to reissue and actually, that does take some time. You see, I have to go back through the entire manuscript and make sure the storytelling meets my standards NOW. Writing is like any other type of exercise. The more you do it, the stronger you become—at least that’s my theory. Anyway, I always want to make sure I offer the very best with each book, whether it’s from my NY publishers or is labeled as a Rock*It Read. So don’t look for me to dump the rest of my backlist into cyberspace without thorough vetting. I also have a previously unpublished novel that completes the MAIDENSONG/ERINSONG series that I hope to get out sometime this year.

And I’ve had this wacky idea for a paranormal series my agent doesn’t want to touch that I may just self- publish to see if there are any readers out there who wouldn’t mind Nordic elves (think Tolkien, not Keebler!)and shape-shifting godlings in Tahiti. Weird, huh?

Sometimes, the Muse just wants what She wants.

What unique reading experience do YOU want? Is there a time period or a premise you just can’t get enough of? Leave a comment or question to be entered in my random drawing.

Watch for Mia’s next traditionally published releases this summer—LORD OF FIRE AND ICE (July 3, Sourcebooks) and TOUCH OF A SCOUNDREL (July 31st, Kensington)


When Captain Gabriel Drake earns a royal pardon and comes home to Cornwall, he finds himself elevated to lord of the manor with the added complication of being responsible for his five orphaned nieces.

He's also obliged to wed, bed and breed an heir on a well-born lady as soon as possible to secure the barony or it will devolve to the Crown. Since Gabriel's pardon for piracy requires him never to enter the city of London again, he can't pursue a bride in typical marriage mart fashion. And the fact that he only wants Jacquelyn Wren, the bastard daughter of a courtesan who couldn't possibly satisfy the King's requirements to become his baroness, means he'll have her any way he can.

To protect the orphans in her charge, Jacquelyn has to see the new baron suitably wed to a lady of quality. A few lessons in courting should do the trick nicely. But she forgot one thing.

What a pirate wants, a pirate takes…
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Mia would love to give away 3 copies of her newest Rock*It Read—HOW TO PLEASE A PIRATE. This contest is open to anyone who lives where they can receive a Kindle or Nook version of the book. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment for Mia answering her question: What unique reading experience do YOU want? Is there a time period or a premise you just can’t get enough of? 
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional.
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A huge thank you to Mia for sharing a bit about Rock*It Reads and for donating the giveaway copies of How To Please A Pirate.

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