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Road To RomCon with Melissa Mayhue + Giveaway

We met Melissa Mayhue last year at RomCon and she writes about one of our favorite things: Highlanders. You know, those guys with claymores, kilts and exude an aura of Alphaness. She is such a sweet lady and she's been on the blog before celebrating our first December Joyathon. We're looking forward to seeing her again.


Meet Melissa:
MELISSA MAYHUE writes award-winning paranormal romance for Pocket Books, all set in an imaginary world of Faeries and Mortals and most recently, Norse gods. Her ninth book, WARRIOR’S REDEMPTION hit stores in January 2012 and her tenth, WARRIOR REBORN, is due out in November 2012.

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Are YOU coming to RomCon this year?
by Melissa Mayhue

This will be the third RomCon and my third time to attend. And, interestingly enough, though I should be an old hand at it by now, I’m finding that I’m feeling just as excited as both of the past times. Excited and under-prepared!

Why under-prepared? Because I still have so much left to do!!

This year I’m participating in two events that have required extra preparation time. The first is the Titanic Tea Party hosted by Deeanne Gist. Last year Dee was nice enough to let me participate in the Historical Fashion Show she hosted. It was SO much fun getting to step into that wonderful costume! [Obviously, my inner six-year-old is alive and well, thank you very much!]. This year, when I learned about the opportunity to … ahem … play dress-ups again, well, I wanted to be first in line! Being in line at all meant coming up with a costume and I decided I was making my own. I’ve been sewing for years! Notice I said “I’ve been sewing” and NOT “I’m a seamstress.” Tackling a reproduction pattern taxed my rusty skills and proved to me exactly what a difference there is between those two statements.

No matter… the dress is done and I love it! I’ve haunted local antique stores to find the perfect accessories - gloves, fan and walking stick so far! To complete the outfit, I’m working on my hat now based on a photograph I have of one of my great-aunts taken in the early 1900’s and I’m having so much fun with it. I can hardly wait until everything is all done.

My second challenge this year is the Highlander Event that I’m hosting [along with the lovely Annie Marshall]. The Highland Games – Knowledge Rounds is coming together very nicely. My publisher [Pocket Books] has been wonderful as always and has agreed to donate enough of my latest release for me to hand them out to attendees of the Highland Games. And then there is the Grand Prize Basket …

I’ve has the opportunity to attend a lot of conferences in the years I’ve been an author, but RomCon has been really special for the past two years. It’s closest to home for me, so I get to drive rather than fly – which means I can pile all the stuff I want to take with me in the car and not have to worry over extra baggage charges. It also has been the one conference where I’ve felt most relaxed and had the opportunity to spend the most time just visiting with readers and getting to know them.

Looking forward to my third time there is like looking forward to a visit with old friends and the chance to meet even more people. People who will be the “old friends” I’m looking forward to seeing at RomCon 2013!!!

Are YOU coming to RomCon this year?

Malcolm MacDowylt sees himself a failed warrior, haunted by the death of the woman he married to become laird of Clan MacGahan. Neither his Viking heritage nor his claim to descend from Norse gods can restore his confidence in his ability to protect his people. His sister is held captive, her life in jeopardy, and his Magically powerful half brother wants him dead. The last thing he needs is more responsibility, but that's exactly what he gets when his Faerie mother-in-law arrives seeking justice for her daughter in the form of an enticing woman from seven hundred years in the future.

Danielle Dearmon has waited fifteen years to discover the life she is supposed to live. She just never dreamed she'd end up in the thirteenth century with a handsome Scot bent on saving everyone but himself.

With the lives of those most dear to him hanging in the balance, Malcolm sets out to battle a powerful evil magic, only to learn that the redemption he seeks exists in the arms of the woman he loves.
Get Your Own Copy: Amazon(pb) | Kindle | B&N(pb) | Nook | Book Depository
Other Book in Series:
coming soon

Kati totally enjoyed WARRIOR'S REDEMPTION and Melissa is giving away a copy to one(1) lucky reader. The best part? It's international! Yay!!! Here's how to get your hands on a sexy Highlander:
  • Leave a comment for Melissa about Highlanders, time travel or if you're going to RomCon, what are YOU looking forward to?
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional.

Don't forget to keep up with all the Road to RomCon posts and to enter our grand prize giveaway.

A huge thank you to Melissa for celebrating with us and for the giveaway copy of Warrior's Redemption.

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