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Road To RomCon Event: Guest Post with Rebecca Forster+ Giveaway

Rebecca Forster is a new to us author. She writes thrillers that you can take with you anywhere on whatever type of e-reader you've got. This will be her first year attending RomCon and all we've got to say is: 'Get your party hat on Rebecca, it's gonna be fun!'


Meet Rebecca:
As an advertising executive I marketed a world-class spa when it was still called a gym, did business in China before there were western toilets and mucked around with sheep to find out how my client's fine wool was made. Then I wrote my first book. . .
On a crazy dare, I tackled a project that would prove to be my passion - I wrote my first book. Though I had never written before, I was lucky enough to sell that novel. Many books later - including the bestselling legal thrillers, the Witness Series, and the USA Today top seller Keeping Counsel - writing is still the most exciting thing I have ever done. Now, with the emergence of e-readers like Nook, Kindle, Kobo and IPad, the world of publishing is getting even more exciting.
I earned my B.A. in English at Loyola, Chicago and my MBA at Loyola/Marymount in Los Angeles. Who knew that after all that studying I would be writing fiction fulltime? Today, instead of putting on a power suit in the morning, I pack up my computer and head out to Coffee Cartel. This is a wonderful neighborhood coffee shop where I am welcome to write as long as I want.
Traveling is one of my favorite things but when I'm home I love cooking, quilting, movies (especially zombie movies), the theater and, of course, reading. It will probably come as no surprise that mystery, suspense and thrillers are my favorite novels.
I have been married for 34 years to a man I met in high school but don't jump to any conclusions. When Harry met Sally could have been our story. He is a superior court judge and helps me when I need to research crucial scenes for my legal thrillers - I always have to fix a special dinner though to get the inside scoop on things.
I'm am the proud mother of two grown sons. Both are exceptional young men and I am proud that they are following in my creative footsteps.

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A Family Affair
by Rebecca Forster

I’ll admit that this is my first time and I cannot wait – for RomCon, that is.

The invitation couldn’t have come at a better time. My son and I will be attending a family reunion in Colorado just before the conference. I’ll have to cut the reunion short but it’s worth it because my son will finally see what I do up close and personal. There is nothing more exciting than a conference – events, networking, and book signings. Even though he grew up watching mom write morning noon and night, he has never been in the thick of things the way he will be in Denver. In fact, I’m even going to use him in my breakout session for readers of romantic suspense. That’s going to be a fun Saturday morning since he isn’t shy and the planned event is going to be lively to say the least. This will be bonding at its best.

I am also looking forward to the Titanic Tea. I’m a huge fan of dress-up and roll playing. Both my sons were theatre majors and I was wardrobe mistress many times over as they grew up. Now one works in Hollywood and the other is a playwright. I think role-playing is in our bones. To say I’ve been trying on everything in my closet to find just the right thing to wear is an understatement. Nothing compares to transforming yourself, even if it’s just for a little while. Even my husband does it when he puts on his ‘work clothes’. He’s a judge and it is amazing what happens when a person dons the black robes. When every day is a jeans-and-clogs day at work, the chance to get decked out (no pun intended) in period dress is definitely exciting.

I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful people I’ve been talking to over e-mail. I have a funny feeling that RomCon itself is a family affair, and I know I am thrilled to be a part of it.

In a remote mountain community, the execution of a grocer and the abduction of a world-renowned model leave the local sheriff searching for a connection, two killers and a woman who is running for her life. In the next 48 hours, Sheriff Dove Connelly will peel back the layers of intrigue beneath the tranquil camaraderie of his mountain enclave and find that nothing is what it seems.

As Dove sets his investigation in motion, Tessa Bradley, a hard assed Texas gal, faces off with her abductors. Her rangy beauty doesn’t mean a damn thing to the foreign men holding her at gunpoint. Just as one of them pulls the trigger, Tessa lashes out. Wounded but alive, she escapes her captors only to find greater peril lies ahead. As her life flashes before her eyes, Tessa struggles to stay alive, prays for rescue and fights for her soul's salvation.
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Okay ladies, time for a giveaway! Five(5) lucky readers will get a copy of Before Her Eyes. Want to get your hands on this thriller? Here's how:
  • Leave a comment for Rebecca about romantic thrillers. If you're going to RomCon, what are YOU looking forward to?
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional.
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A huge thank you to Rebecca for stopping by the blog and for the giveaway copies.

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