Saturday, May 5, 2012

Welcome To Studio Smexy Saturdays with Jenn LeBlanc

Here we go here we go!!

I want to say THANK YOU in a major way to my blog hostesses Jamie + Kati for inviting me to feature some of my hot studio imagery on their blog.

I realize it’s all a ploy to get some free sexy happening on their website, I do. But I’m all for sharing anyway so why not. PLUS! I get to share fun outtakes and behind the scenes goodies, which I don’t usually!

Jamie + Kati will be doing a bunch of different features, models interviews, designer interviews, author interviews and then me, and behind the scenes of course, I’ll always get to stick my nose in the business and tell you all what I really think.

In all honesty there will be quite a few words, but the reality is most of them will be overlooked by the smexy. This I also know. If I could embed an eye tracker in my website I could prove to you the words are only skimmed, but since that technology is at least three months off (kidding) we’ll just have to go with the assumption that all y’all want is the pretties. And you know what? That is toates ok with me. Because that’s EXACTLY what I would like to give you!!

So without further whatevers, how about a little behind the story into studio smexy...

Short hand version.

I wrote a book.
I illustrated that book.
The male model and I became super good friends.
We shot bucket loads of pictures.
The book took off.
The images became legendary.
Authors wanted a bit of the action.
Illustrated Romance was born.

Because I’m a twitter monkey I took it live.
StudioSmexy was born.

Let’s do this thing.

In the future Studio Smexy will be featuring authors as creative consultants. Want to really see what an author is visualizing? Hold on, I can do that.

We are doing it differently. Personal service. Custom imagery. Simple requests. Muse building.

Making covers is a collaboration between your muse and mine... and the result?

Breakdowns of these covers and more coming soon.
From Studio Smexy Saturdays presented by Jamie + Kati.

See you next Saturday!!

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