Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio Smexy Saturdays: Model Brittany

Another Saturday and another installment of Studio Smexy Saturdays. But this time, we're featuring one super cute yet at the same time smoking hot girl model. Yup, there are girl models at Studio Smexy *gasp*. She's an absolute paradox. A sexy siren on the cover of romances and a country girl who can shoot a gun when not in studio. We totally want to hang with her!

Welcome to Studio Smexy Saturdays Brittany!!!

A note from Jenn: OMG I love my Brittany. She is such a doll. She is a cowgirl at heart, and comes complete with her own set of assless chaps and badass cowgirl attitude. Not to mention the most extensive collection of cute heels I've ever seen. She was the star of my first completed market cover, POSSESSION, for Mel Schroeder, and she has been on at least seven covers since then, Lara Adrian and Christine d'Abo included.
Brittany is a treasure to work with, and I always include her in shoots, even if we don't have requests for blondes. :)

Jamie & Kati: Tell us five interesting things about yourself.
Model Brittany: 
  • I’m in nursing school. My goal is to be a Pediatric Oncology BSN.
  • I love shooting guns and will be getting a compact bow here shortly!! I can’t wait!
  • My favorite past time is waterskiing and fishing with my dad.
  • I have deep faith and am strongly connected to my family.
  • I absolutely love Manta Rays!! I hope to get my scuba certification so I can swim with them some day! 
J&K: What made you decide to pursue modeling? Is it a full time thing?
MB: Ever since I was little people would tell me I should model. About a year ago someone on Facebook asked me to shoot with them, I thought why not give it a shot! I fell in love with it. I then made a ModelMayhem account thinking I would just have a few shoots here and there but the agency I’m with now, NxtModel, found me on there! Right now it is not a full time thing, but I’m hoping it will be!

J&K: Do you get nervous taking your clothes off and is there a line you won’t cross?
MB: Not at all! I haven’t had to draw any line yet, but I’m sure there will come a time when I have to!

J&K: Do you feel like you have to maintain a certain size to keep modeling?
MB: I have always had a certain weight that I will not allow myself to exceed, but with modeling I don’t feel like I need to maintain a certain size. If one photographer doesn’t like the way one looks another one will!

J&K: Since you posed for some romance stock photos, do you read romance? If not, would you pick one up?
MB: I have read some, but I’m more into the suspense novels. I think the novels that I’m on I’m going to have to read to see what character I’m being pictured as!

J&K: What is your dream shoot?
MB: Cowboy gear, horses, and a water trough.

J&K: In one word describe Studio Smexy.

Romance Covers Brittany Is Featured On:

Images from Studio Smexy:

Studio Smexy Outtakes:

Isn't she fantastic? And what about the pictures? Totally fun!

So we're pretty big fans of Melissa Schroeder on the blog and we also love us some men in uniform. Or out of uniform. Whatever. Since Miz Brittany is on the cover of a few of Mel's books, we're giving away the first book she was ever featured on: POSSESSION (A Little Harmless Military Romance). We're giving two(2) Kindle copies to two(2) lucky readers. Here's how to enter:
  • Leave a comment about your favorite thing about Studio Smexy Saturdays, men in and out of uniform or whatever else you want.
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must leave a comment. All other entries are optional. (Hint: follow Jenn on Twitter. She tweets photos from Studio Smexy shoots)

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A huge thank you to Brittany for sharing a little bit about herself and to Jenn for everything *Rockstar*
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