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Studio Smexy Saturdays: Designer Pickyme

Patricia Schmitt aka Pickyme is THE romance book cover designer to watch out for. 200 book covers for 76 authors! Holy wow! She's done so many great covers like revamping the first two Elisabeth Naughton's Eternal Guardians series as well as the rest of her book covers, a few of Donna Grant's series, Tes Hilaire's Paladin Warriors and many more. We've drooled over her covers without knowing who designed them and thanks to Jenn, now we know which ones are hers. 


Meet Trish:
Hi! Cover art is my first love. I truly love giving the author and readers the best cover possible for their book. I have and currently work with St.Martin's Press, Sourcebooks, Carina Press, Decadent Publishing, Crescent Moon Press, and Phaze, as well as various publishers under Rae Monet, INC. I have also worked with many self-publishing authors. Please contact me at

I normally post most of my artwork, including character wallpapers, and personal work on my public FaceBook page.

Connect with Trish: Site | Facebook | Twitter

Welcome to Studio Smexy Saturdays at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance Trish!!!

Jamie & Kati: Share 5 fun facts about yourself.
Pickyme: Oh man... Do I have any Fun facts? Hmmmm....
  1. I am short. 4'11 other people consider that "fun sized". (haha. Kati is too)
  2. I enjoy changing my hair color every three months. Pink stripes are my favorite.
  3. I would eat a pickle over chocolate any day. Wait, unless Nutella is around.
  4. I snore according to my hubby's camera video. Evidence that will be deleted soon!
  5. My favorite music is Country and Blake Shelton is MY man! Lol (We heart Blake as well)

J&K: What drew you to pursuing design?
P: Lots of things. I have always loved art. Loved being creative. Reading is my passion so I combined them.

J&K: How many hours do you spend on one cover?
P: This is hard to answer. No one cover is the same. The dynamics changed from working with a publisher which could be months before completed, versus an author. It just varies. I will say the minimum is probably 10 hours or so after tweaks.

J&K: What program do you use to design covers?
P: I only use Photoshop CS5 and a tablet.

J&K: When you design a cover, does the author have any input or do they give you full creative control?
P: That varies as well. Some authors want full control right down to picking the stock pictures. Others trust me to make it "just" right. With a publisher however, the author has no control over me. That is my designer and art directors call.

J&K: What is your favorite genre to design?
P: Paranormal!! My favorite to read as well. ;)

J&K: Which authors have you designed covers for?
P: My 2 year cover art anniversary is on May 14th. In two years I have worked on 76 different author's covers.

J&K: Is there a particular cover you've designed that means something special to you?
P: Oh yes! Sherrilyn Kenyon's cover means the world to me. She is my absolute favorite author. So it was a big deal. Still is! :)
We borrowed these two lovely photos from Trish's blog. How cool is that? Meeting the author you designed a cover for and her telling everyone that you did. Amazeballs!

Covers Shot by Studio Smexy & Designed by Pickyme:

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  • Leave a comment answering this question: What are your favorite elements on a book cover that draws you in? (ex:The Embrace, rock hard abs, flowy dresses) We're total covers whores here at the blog and we love 'em all, especially rock hard abs.
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A huge thank you to Trish aka Pickyme for stopping by and hanging out. Also, thanks to Jenn for everything. *Rockstar*

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