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Paranormal Review: Callum:The Cursed Clan by Melissa Schroeder

CALLUM by Melissa Schroeder
Series: The Cursed Clan #1
FORMAT: Kindle Book
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 234 pages
PUBLISHER: CreateSpace (February 27,2012)

Will desire be the answer or the ruin of an entire clan?

As Laird, Callum Lennon feels he has always failed to protect his cousins. Callum’s impulsiveness caused the death of his father and the experience has scarred not only his body, but his soul. From that point on, he made sure to always go with the more logical choice in every matter. When his younger cousin Angus finds clues that might help break the curse, Callum begrudgingly hires Phoebe Chilton to investigate. Callum doesn’t like bringing outsiders into their family affairs. Their life would become fodder for the tabloids if anyone were to find out about the curse. It doesn’t help that the instant he meets Dr. Chilton he’s attracted. But, he doesn’t really have a choice because she might be their last hope.

An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always been dwarfed by her parents’ shadow. Their high standards had her in college by thirteen and earning a second PhD by twenty-two. But her career and her broken marriage have left her needing something more than just diplomas and degrees. She wants to prove that her interest in legends, especially Celtic legends, is as important as her parents’ work. When the Lennon family contacts her, she sees the opportunity to win a massive research grant. With a long-time rival breathing down her back, she jumps at the Lennons’ offer her, hoping it will ensure her the grant. But uncovering the Lennon family secrets, and her attraction to Callum, could prove more than she can handle.

Forces outside the family are determined to ensure that they fail. When an old enemy threatens both the well being of the clan and the fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or his heart.
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I loved it.
Phoebe Chilton wants to come out from under her famous archaeologist parents' shadow. She's bent to their will long enough, having been a child prodigy, attending college while the rest of the people her age were experiencing the woes of puberty, suffering through a broken marriage with a cheating husband...Pursuing her "hobby" [dubbed as such by her mother] of Celtic legends, she ends up trying to decipher an ancient diary for the Lennon family. In return, should she be successful, she would received a grant and finally be able to break away from her parents.

One problem. Or two.

The first comes in the form of one tall, dark and dangerously sexy wanker named Callum Lennon, the head of Lennon Enterprises. His cousins are all gung-ho about letting Phoebe help them but Callum is weary. Their family secret revealed would be utter chaos. He is reluctant to let her see what she would be working one. He wants her to sign a contract but Phoebe holds her own. No looking at the object=no signature.

Problem two comes in the form of one, Kenneth McWalton, head of the grant board. Phoebe has an icky feeling about him every time she speaks with him on the phone. After a background check thanks to a friend, Phoebe realizes that her gut feeling was right. McWalton might be a problem.

Callum is instantly attracted to this woman. This wasn't what an archaeologist looked like. The only way he is able to deal with his feelings is to act out and be cold towards her. After revealing what they want her to decipher, he forbid the diary ever leaving his presence. Day in and day out, they're cooped up in Callum's office. The sexual tension is hot and ready to boil over. No woman has ever gotten under his skin like Phoebe. He's ready to throw her over any piece of furniture and have his way with her and he knows she feels it too.

Plotting and planning, using Phoebe as a pawn, McWalton is ready to take down the Lennon clan come hell or high water. The Lennon's would pay for what happened to his family. It wasn't fair that his family had lost their fortune while the Lennon's steadily grew. After Phoebe quits, he knew it was time to act fast. Break Callum and Phoebe apart.

Now, Phoebe must make Callum see that she wasn't conspiring with McWalton against him while at the same time trying to come to grips with her feelings. Love is a new feeling for both of them and if they don't act on it, all could be lost.

How far would you go to gain your mortality back? 

Dammit. Why in the name of all that is holy would she be thinking of sleeping with him right now? Thoughts of shagging the dour Callum just kept popping up. They were improper, as well as embarassing. Even during the first days of her relationship with Simon, she'd never had such lascivious thoughts. Of course, her late husband hadn't had the body of a god. Phoebe would bet she could bounce a coin off of Callum Lennon's ass.
Oh Em Gee. A fantastical start to a new series by Melissa Schroeder. No men in uniform this time. Just kilts. I loved every moment of it. Callum's instant attraction to Phoebe killed me. In a good way. I wanted to reach into my e-reader and give him a good talking to that he would regret his Certified Grade A Asshat attitude towards her to hide his attraction. Phoebe was strong and steadfast, always the good daughter trying to do what was right even if her late husband cheated on her as well as took out his anger on her when he found out he had cancer. She flipping nursed him while he was sick. Me? I would have left him. Verbal abuse is a no-no. Top it off with cheating? I would have laughed in his face and yelled 'Karma, bitch!' Callous? Absolutely. The hero was the perfect amount of broody, moody and dangerous. The heroine was witty, fiery and totally held her own. The Sexy was smoking, sizzling Hottt. [yep, 3 t's] This book had me laughing, sighing, growling (yes, growling), groaning, gasping and 'oh em gee-ing'. I loved the cousins and can't wait to read their stories. If you're a Mel Schroeder fan, you've probably already got this on your e-reader. If you're a fan of contemporary romance with a dash of paranormal, this book is for you. Throw in some kilted men and you've got a recipe for Highland hijinks.

***review copy provided by author's PA as well as bought a copy for Kindle***

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