Monday, May 7, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Sexy Superheroes

Nothing is sexier than a man who saves the world wearing spandex. Well, if he can cook comes in second. Today we're bringing you our favorite superheroes and a giant blue peen. Whaaat? He's a superhero. No. Not the peen but the hero the peen is attached to. Perv!

Oh Hugh er, Wolverine! He's rough, tough and totally nekkid in the movie. Smexytime might get a little dangerous should his claws pop out but hey, some of us are into that kind of thing.

RDJ as Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. Donuts...the breakfast of champions. Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. His words, not ours.

RyRy as Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. And RyRy doubles as Deadpool in Wolverine. He sure does get around.

Completely Gratuitous...

And we've got The Avengers. They're all totally bangable. Including ScarJo.

How could we forget Henry? We've been drooling since the first shirtless pictures surfaced.


New meaning to blue balls

So there you have it...Come hang on Twitter tonight and look for the #mancandymonday hashtag. Bring your men in spandex or any men actually. Share, ogle and giggle over eye candy without the calories. And for the love of coccyx, put a NSFW tag on the ones that have a hint of peen.

Who is YOUR favorite superhero eye candy?

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