Monday, May 14, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Dimples

Our favorite types of dimple is located on the coccyx but we'll try to keep it clean today. Nothing is sexier than a man who smiles and has the dimples to make us swoon. It's both sexy and cute at the sake time. If he gives you the megawatt smile, it's cute. If you gives you the smirk with the bad boy smolder, it's panty dropping sexy. But you're not here to read this post, you're here to ogle so here ya go...

Ah Slater. When we think dimples, he's our #1 man.

Hey may have been bad on Lost but hellooo dimples. We'd be okay stuck on an island with him.

Kellan has mastered the dimple smirk.

Seriously Joe, there's got to be dimples under all that scruff.

10 points to Gryffind--oh, well, Twilight's got it covered with two dimpled hotties on their cast.

Join us tonight for #mancandymonday at 8PM central time on Twitter. Look for that hashtag and share away. Remember: sharing IS caring but for the love of coccyx, put a NSFW warning on the ones that contain a touch of peen or full frontals. It's cause us to spit our drinks on our computers and we can't share in the eye candy since our computers have shorted. Check out the official man candy Monday blog for more dimpled hotties courtesy of Anne Baker.

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