Monday, April 9, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Formal Wear

Um, well, he didn't win the title but hey, we're here to share some sexy men in formal wear. That guy above most definitely looks smokin' and fits the criteria. Whether a guy is dressed up or in the state of undress in a tux, suit jacket, perfectly pressed slacks and those super shiny 'I can see myself in them' black shoes, we gawk at them. Like honest to gosh jaw dropped, eyes wide open and suddenly find ourselves wondering where all the oxygen went.

Eh, enough chit chat. Let's get to the undressing... Seriously, who needs formal wear when the birthday suit is just as good if not better?

This is our boyfriend Henry and doesn't he look absolutely lickable in this photo? No, don't answer the question. It's rhetorical. Of course he does! Now if he would just take that dang suit off. He's got the tie hanging loose. Guess he didn't get the memo.

Another one of our boyfriends is Steve. But you don't care what his name is do you? Nope. Just appreciate those rock hard abs, the peeping Adonis line, the cut of his jaw... We could teach you a thing or two about body parts using him as the model. *slaps hand* No touching!

We are apparently going backwards on the whole undressing thing. Man Candy Monday's Hottest Hunk, David Gandy, looks yummy. We would totally climb that! He just looks put together all the time. We wonder what he looks like when he's just gotten out of bed...

Gah! HughJ (yes, it's pronounced as huge) knows he looks good. Notice the positioning of his hands. But then again, Hugh looks good in anything. The man can do no wrong.

Our book cover boyfriend is J.Hill. You've seen him on Pamela Clare's Breaking Point, Julie James' A Lot Like Love, Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play and Playing To Win and Shayla Black's Delicious. Don't mind us. We're not obsessed or anything. We've just gotten good at figuring out which model is on what cover due to the flash of the coccyx, the shape of the jaw, the curve of the Adonis line, the bulge of the bicep... *ahem* We're getting carried away. Apologies

We think Matt and Channing definitely got the memo for today's post. They've lost their shirts but kept their pants and ties on. (Haha we totally read that last part as's time for us to wipe the drool off our screens cause we can't see.) Hmm...we're heading in the right direction.

Well, we finally got Steve out of his formal wear. And *wipes drool off face* um, what were we saying? Oh yeah. You're welcome.
Don't forget to find us on Twitter tonight at 8PM Central Time (6,7 & 9 for the rest of us) to share YOUR men in and out of formal wear. Look for the #mancandymonday hashtag and get to sharing. And for the love of coccyx   put a NSFW warning on the pictures that have a flash of peen. Some of us have delicate sensibilities.

Sooo... who is YOUR favorite eye candy in formal wear? Who rocks it like nobody's business? 

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