Monday, April 2, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Country Cuties

For those of you who don't know, we're total fangirls of sexy country crooners who sing about broken hearts, beat up trucks, being barefoot in blue jeans, asking us to come a little get the picture. Whether they're rocking the tight blue jeans, scuffed up cowboy boots, 10 gallon Stetson or a tuxedo with scuffed up cowboy boots and 10 gallon Stetson, these men are on our list for having a good time with.

Billy Currington. Good gosh almighty! This man has such a sexy singing voice and well, instead of a picture, you can just watch him roll around in the sand. Ignore the girl. Yes Billy, you are doing something right.

Blake Shelton. We like our men tall and Blake sure fits the bill. Whether he's singing about Kati's hometown of Austin, drinking, honeybees or being eye candy on Miranda Lambert's arm, he's always rocking those super sexy dimples.

Dierks Bentley. It's the signature curly hair that does it for us. Or maybe his soulful singing voice. Heck, he could serenade us anytime, anywhere. Yes Dierks, we will come a little closer.

Josh Turner. This man has the deepest voice we've ever heard. Whether it's a ballad or something fun and upbeat, his voice is distinct. Is long black train a euphemism for something Josh?

So ladies, who is YOUR favorite country cutie? If you don't listen to country, would you after ogling these guys?

Don't forget to join us tonight on Twitter (8pm CT/6 PT/7 MT/9 ET) and look for the #mancandymonday hashtag. Bring your country crooners. Heck, bring anyone you want. Pat on the back goes to the first person  who gets banned from Twitpic for sharing too much nakedness. On the men, not you. Check out Meagan Dean's country cuties choices at the official Man Candy Monday Blog. And for the love of all that is coccyx, put a warning on the NSFW ones. Apparently, some of us still have delicate sensibilities and need smelling salts should we get an eyeful of peen.

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