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Feature: His Darkest Embrace by Juliana Stone + Giveaway

Due to some circumstances, Juliana Stone won't be casting her books. However, we're still featuring her because she has some fantastic reads.

Meet Juliana:
Juliana Stone has always believed in the power of a good story. When her first narrative, a futuristic about Santa Claus set in a world that resembled her friend’s hamster cage was a hit with her fourth grade teacher, she discovered the joy of words. Something that has stayed with her ever since. Whether it was music or narrative, words became an important part of her life.

During a stint on the music end of things,( and yes she had the big hair, and equally big shoulder pads) she toured Canada fronting an all female rock band and after meeting her husband fell into married life. Kids, dog and the requisite white picket fence followed and her writing took a bit of a back seat.

But in the fall of 2007 she decided to take another stab at writing and inspired by the paranormal works of Christine Feehan, Keri Arthur and Lindsey Sands she set out to write something great. She ended up with an intriguing world of Jaguar Warriors and was grateful that Avon Books wanted to publish them!

Juliana writes paranormal romance for Avon/Harpercollins including The Jaguar Warrior Trilogy and her new paranormal romance/urban fantasy series, League of Guardians, as well as futuristic/sci-fi for Samhain Publishing. She’s excited about writing a new contemporary romance series for Sourcebooks, based on 3 of her favorite Bon Jovi songs that will release in 2013.

Connect with Juliana: Author Site | Twitter | Facebook

The mist was heavy and it clung to her skin, molding the white tank top to her breasts. Her hair had long since fallen from its pony tail and fell in wavy talons of caramel down her back, where it clung, full of humidity, to her sweaty skin.

Her sapphire blue eyes pierced the night, but once again the curse of the sun prevented her from seeing any other means of escape.

She could try the cave or jump over the falls. Desperately her head swiveled around as she continued to search for a way out, her large eyes widening at the sight of both jaguar hunters as they burst through the thick stand of trees into the small clearing, only twenty feet from her. One was in human form. The other growled deep from its belly and paced back and forth in all its majestic animal glory.

The large jaguar was black, signaling its status as something other than a regular shifter. They were of the warrior class. And they both looked at her like she was a tasty morsel they wanted to sample…before the real games began.

The one in human form laughed outright as his gaze raked over her body, lingering salaciously on her breasts before settling on the juncture between her legs. Skye’s eyes darkened as a slow anger began to burn through her. When he licked his lips, she spit into the ground, which elicited a harsh laugh.

“That’s good. I like a woman with spunk almost as much as I like to play with my food. It’s so much more palatable when its essence is spirited.” He continued to laugh while the jaguar at his side roared in triumph. His eyes glowed eerily. “Hell yeah, this is gonna be fun.”

Skye tried to ignore his words but truthfully, she was more terrified than she’d like to admit. And that was saying a lot. In her young lifespan of twenty-six years she’d seen and done a lot, but her current situation was about as bad as it could get.
She was trapped with few options, alone in the jungle and facing two very ruthless, deadly jaguar warriors.
Enemies that her people had faced for eons.

She felt the flush of blood hit her cells as she grabbed onto all the power she could muster. She needed more time. She needed to think.

“Who the hell are you?”

The jaguar roared at her words and she flinched slightly at the intensity of its vocalization. The tall man to its side smiled once more, and through the thick mist his white teeth flashed at her, the canines seeming to twinkle with an unholy shimmer.

“I think you know exactly who and what we are.” He snorted as he began to slowly move toward her. “And you should be very afraid little bird.”

Skye began to inch to her right; the darkened interior of the cave was looking a tad more inviting than it had seconds ago. The jaguar warriors were too close to the edge of the waterfall, effectively cutting off that escape route.
Her eyes narrowed and she made a face. “Siegfried and Roy’s lost cousin?”

Loud laughter echoed her words and the warrior in human form began to clap, slowly, methodically. The sound grated on her last working nerve and Skye grimaced as she continued to slowly move toward the cave.

“I think our little eagle deserves some sort of award for her acting skills.” He looked to the jaguar at his side and then winked through the mist at Skye.

“What do you think Christo? Should we reward her with some play time before we get down to business?”

The cat licked its lips as its tail flickered back and forth. Skye felt bile begin to rise from deep in her chest and she swallowed thickly. She needed to keep them occupied and away from her, at least until she was close enough to the cave to make a run for it.

“Keep talking to that cat on steroids and I’m gonna have to call the crazy police, which might be kinda hard since we’re out in the middle of the jungle.”


Skye jumped, nearly slipping upon the wet rocks as his voice tore through her. His eyes began to glow in earnest and the air around him shimmered as it darkened considerably, encircling him in a blanket of malice.

“We know exactly who you are, Skye Knightly,” He laughed once more and she felt every single hair on her body rise as the danger of her situation tripled, “and we know what you are.”

Skye bolted, leaping over the large boulder that stood between the cave and her body, reaching deep into her satchel as she crested the rock to land hard, knee deep in rushing water.

A splash sounded behind her, and she whirled around, releasing a deadly blade—one that was charmed and dipped in poison—in a hard arc that struck the jaguar dead center in its massive chest. The beast roared in pain and the man at its side snarled in rage as he too, jumped toward her, his anger and bulk carrying him forward in a rush.

Skye tried to twist away, but the warrior was too powerful and his momentum crashed his large body into hers, knocking them both into the fast moving water that fled the cave. Her head went under and she sputtered wildly as she came up for air, her feet churning fast in an effort to get away from her enemy.

His fist came from nowhere and connected with her head in a hard ringing slam that brought stars to her eyes. She flew back and once more was under water. Skye kicked with all her might, hoping to ride the current over the falls, and felt tears of frustration rise as a painful grip wove its way around her calf and she was hauled out of the water, and thrown back onto the embankment beside the mouth of the cave.

To the furious man above her, she weighed little more than a doll. His heavy frame covered hers, the muscled thighs gripping her body as his hands encircled her head. Her arms were trapped against her sides and the sheer weight of him made breathing difficult. Skye ceased her struggles, aware that it both inflamed and excited the man.
His eyes were as black as tar but the tinge of blue light that shone from behind them was eerie and he smiled at the fear that briefly graced her features. He ground his body against hers, laughing as she bucked her hips, the reaction instant as a sickening lurch went through her.

“You’re not going anywhere bitch.”


Genre: Paranormal
Length: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon (October 26,2010)

A solitary hunter with no regard for the human world, Jagger Castille is a shifter living on the edge. It will take the woman who calls him enemy to give him a reason to live.

Jagger is a creature of the night—Skye Knightly soars in the sun. Natural adversaries, they have been joined by destiny in a mission entrusted to Skye’s family centuries ago: Nothing less than the salvation of the Earth.

Wounded and bitter, Jagger sought escape in the solitude of the jungle, driven by a need to disappear forever… until a mysterious shifter who calls to his soul and feeds a yearning long forgotten, pulls him from his dark path. A courageous warrior, Skye’s passion is equal to Jagger’s own—but can she trust a man on the edge? A man whose secrets are as devastating as her own?

Each is the other’s sole hope for survival. But a dark and twisted truth is leading them toward the ultimate sacrifice for a love they may never live to claim.
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Other Books in Series(click for excerpts):

Want to get your own copy after that excerpt? Well, Juliana has donated a copy of HIS DARKEST EMBRACE (signed) and a coverflat for one(1) lucky US reader to win. Here's how to get your hands on some sexy shifters:
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