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Casting Call with Karen Erickson + Giveaway

Karen Erickson's mutual love for all things Henry Cavill brought us together. He is the perfect inspiration for a historical hero (see: The Tudors). Karen is hilarious and witty plus she shares a love of candles with Kati. The seasonal ones are the best! She celebrated our first December Joyathon with us by sharing her favorite holiday books. Her books are steamy, sexy and holy wow! 


Meet Karen:
I’ve always loved the written word. From being one of the best readers in my kindergarten class to penning romantic stories that never ended about my favorite band members (Duran Duran!) in high school, I always had a feeling I wanted to write. It just took me a while to seriously pursue it.

With the birth of my third child came a realization – it’s one thing to talk about writing a book, another thing entirely to actually do it. So I decided to go for it and in 2005 I began my pursuit in writing toward publication. After completing a few clunkers that should never see the light of day, my first erotic romance novella was published with Cobblestone Press in 2006. I’ve since been published with a handful of other epublishers including Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. I have recently sold to Loose Id and Carina Press.

On a personal note I’m a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with my husband and three children. Oh and the dog, the cats, the rooster and the chickens…

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*Big, huge thank you to Kati and Dani for asking me to be a guest at their blogoversary bash!*

When it comes to inspiration for my characters, I’m mostly visual, especially when it comes to my heroes. There’s the occasional story I write that has no inspirational photos to aide me (as in, the dude is all in my head *scary place to be*), but usually I’m guided gently down the writing path by a certain handsome dude who usually haunts our movie or television screens.

So when Kati and Dani asked me, “If Hollywood came knocking on your door and wanted to turn two of your books into movies, who would you cast in the leading roles?” I knew I wouldn’t have a problem answering this question. Though I have a confession and I’m not sure if other authors do this or not but uhhh…I do.

*whispers* I sometimes use the same person for inspiration of multiple books.

Yep, a recent (and I still adore him because he’s just so….gorgeous and I cannot resist him) hero du jour was/is Henry Cavill. Henry brought Kati and I together so it’s only fitting I mention him. Let’s take a moment and bask in the deliciousness that is Henry:

And that’s just his FACE. The entire package is gorgeous. Hmm, excuse for another picture perhaps? Okay, let’s do it:

This is Henry at the airport. Why can’t I ever spot Henry at the airport? And LAX no less. Been there, done that airport more than a few times and yet I never have a Henry spotting. *grumbles*

Ahem. Anyway, Henry has inspired a few books of mine including my historical romance novella Lessons In Indiscretion and my contemporary romance novella Simple Twist of Fate. Considering he’s played a variety of characters and can cover a variety of heroes (whether he wears a properly knotted cravat or a worn T-shirt and jeans), he’s ideal hero material in my book. Like, we can’t go wrong when we use Henry, if you know what I’m saying.

As in, I still have a massive crush on him and it doesn’t matter if he’s years younger than me, I still drool over him on occasion. Quite frankly, I drool over a lot of hot dudes and thanks to Pinterest, I can indulge in that particular hobby on a daily basis!

So what do you think of Henry? Considering he’s going to be our next Superman, my prediction is he’s going to blow up HUGE. All the ladies will be clamoring for more Henry while I sit back and smugly say, “Told ya so.” ;)

Let me know if you think Henry is the cat’s meow (who the heck made up that saying anyway?) and you’ll be entered to win a copy of either Lessons in Indiscretion OR Simple Twist of Fate (winner’s choice!).

Genre: Historical
Length: 59 pages
Publisher: Carina Press (June 20,2011)

Widowed Lady Julia Renwick is still young enough to crave a man’s touch; but she’s too old to think that the Earl of Bedingfield could see her as anything more than a family friend. Garrett Walker is handsome, charming and only 26 years old—the perfect catch for any one of this year’s debutantes.

Garrett has no interest in the maidens vying for his attentions. He wants only Julia. With just two weeks left in the season, he makes a bold move by asking her to dance. When she counters with a shocking request of her own, Garrett eagerly agrees.
Soon, they are stealing away for passionate encounters at every society event they attend. Garrett introduces Julia to excitements she never knew existed, and her newfound confidence quickly attracts other eligible men. It’s not long before Garrett realizes he must find a way to keep the lady all to himself…
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You heard the lady! Karen is giving away a copy of either Lessons In Indiscretion or Simple Twist of Fate. Winner's choice. Anddd it's open internationally. Woo-hoo!!
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***Karen's sharing a little Gandy love over at Dani's blog (Ramblings From This Chick) where she's sharing eye candy for Worth the Scandal***

A huge thank you to Karen for celebrating with us and for donating the giveaway books.

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