Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Bundle Feature + Giveaway

Okay kiddies, one of the grand prizes is a book bundle from each of us featuring our favorite books from each genre. Each Sunday, we'll feature a book you can win from our respective bundles so if you've already been celebrating with us, you won't need to enter on the grand prize rafflecopter form. Since we featured historical authors this past week, we're going to spotlight our favorite historical books.

We have chosen to giveaway Last Night's Scandal by Loretta Chase and Lord of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle for the historical genre of our book bundles.

Jamie's Pick:
Peregrine, Earl of Lisle, and Olivia Carsington have been friends since they took off together on an adventure as children. When Lisle took off to study Egypt Olivia kept him entertained with overly dramatic letters. Finally back after years apart she can not wait to see her friend.

While Olivia has always had a flare for the dramatic and Lisle tries to be the voice of reason but all the reason goes out of his head when he finds himself falling for his best friend and her scandalous ideas.

With Lisle forced to travel to Scotland before he can go back to Egypt, Olivia sees this as one last adventure she can have before she accepts her future and settles down. Of course Lisle tells her she can't come but Olivia doesn't listen. Lisle just wants to get this business over with and head back to Egypt but Olivia wants to embrace her last adventure.

After surviving the perils of Egypt, Peregrine Dalmay, Earl of Lisle is back in London, facing the most dire threat of all: his irrational family....and Miss Olivia Wingate-Carsington. A descendent of notorious—but very aristocratic—swindlers, the delectable redhead has the ability to completely unhinge him, and a long history of dragging him into her scandalous schemes.

Olivia may be Society's darling, but she's aware a respectable future looms menacingly. And so when Lisle is forced to go on a family mission, she sees this as the perfect chance for one last adventure—even if it is with the one man in the world she can't wrap around her finger: but really, she only wants to help…

Which is why Lisle and Olivia find themselves in a gloomy Scottish castle inhabited by spiteful ghosts and craven murderers...and a shocking secret: the greatest peril of all may be burning within their own stubborn hearts.
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Kati's Pick:
My love for Delilah Marvelle knows no bounds. Okay, I stop at the point when it's illegal. Lord of Pleasure showed me the darker, sexier side of romance. Hawk is broody, moody and totally swoon worthy. Charlotte is independent, feisty and a very likeable heroine. This book was one of the first that I put on my Kindle reader app for my phone as well as one of the books that brought me back to the romance genre. Perhaps it was my gateway book to all things abtastic. I mean, look at it!

It's been months since Lady Charlotte Chartwell's philandering husband met his untimely end at the hands of an angry mistress. But as miserable as he made Charlotte in life, his death proves to be an even harsher blow. For not a farthing of his fortune or estate have passed on to her, and as a ruined widow, she is destitute, penniless and utterly without hope.

Then, as Charlotte is considering the worst, a man steps into her carriage. His intentions are quite indecent at first, but the more he learns about her, the more an unfamiliar—and undesirable—emotion creeps over him. Could it be compassion? Never! For this is Alexander Baxendale, third Earl of Hawksford. He is known throughout the ton as the Lord of Pleasure, dedicated to passion, ruthless in his pursuit of sensual gratification. Yet never in all his exploits has he met a woman who could intrigue him as Charlotte does. Can this mysterious beauty make him hang up his title and see to her pleasure alone?
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Now that we've shared two of our favorite historical books tell us two of YOUR favorite historical books. If you don't read historical romance, would you try it out? If not, what genres do you like to read?

If you've been hanging out and celebrating with us, you've already been entered for the grand prizes. If you're just joining us, click on the giveaway banner below to enter for the book bundle. We will be drawing winners for the books bundles at the end of the month.

Jamie's bundle is open to US ONLY. Kati's bundle is INTERNATIONAL as long as Book Depository ships to you.

***Don't forget to go see what Dani (Ramblings From This Chick) is giving away as part of her book bundle***
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