Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday: Christie Craig + Dee Davis

Jamie's Teaser:
They were arguing—well, not out-and-out arguing, but having a male/female spat. The one where the woman was mad about something and the man remained clueless to the reasons. And although he wanted to ask what he’d done, he knew that asking would make matters worse, because women just expected men to know things. Didn’t women know that men didn’t know shit?
Ever since photographer Lacy Maguire caught her ex playing Pin the Secretary to the Elevator Wall, she's been content with her dog Fabio, her three cats, and a vow of chastity. But all that changes when the reindeer-antlered Fabio drags in a very desperate, on-the-run detective who decides to take refuge in her house--a house filled with twinkling lights and a decorated tree. (Okay, so it's February. but she has a broken heart to mend, a Christmas-card shoot to do, and a six-times divorced, match-making mother to appease.) For the first time in a looong while, Lacy reconsiders her vow. Because sexy Chase Kelly, wounded soul that he may be, would be an oh-so-delicious way of breaking her fast. Now, if she can just keep them both alive and him out of jail...

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Kati's Teaser:
Harrison rolled to his side, pulling her with him, staying connected, as if he, too, wasn't quite ready to let go. She reached out to smooth back the hair from his face, the gesture somehow more intimate than the acts preceding it.
Tomorrow she'd have to face reality. But for now, she was content just to lie there listening to the cadence of his heartbeat. If there was no such thing as happily ever after, then that was all the more reason to savor the moment.

As the intelligence officer for""A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Hannah Marshall is used to working behind the scenes. But when a brutal murder hits too close to home, Hannah finds herself in the middle of the action, falling in love while racing to outwit a sadistic mastermind.

After the death of her A-Tac partner, Hannah doubts everything she thought she knew about love and loyalty. When handsome Harrison Blake joins the team, she's reluctant to trust him - or to act on her intense attraction to him. Then Hannah receives a podcast of a gruesome murder, and the only person who can help her find the killer is Harrison.
Harrison has spent years trying to hunt down the cunning monster who killed his sister. Now investigating with Hannah, he faces a shocking possibility - his sister's murderer has resurfaced. As the danger escalates, Hannah and Harrison grow closer, the desire simmering between them ignites. And when Hannah disappears, Harrison has only one chance to save the woman he loves.

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