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Contemporary Review: With This Kiss by Bella Riley

WITH THIS KISS by Bella Riley
Series: Emerald Lake #2
FORMAT: eBook via Netgalley
GENRE: Contemporary
LENGTH: 400 pages
PUBLISHER: Forever (March 1,2012)

Fireworks. That's what innkeeper Rebecca Campbell wants. And no matter how close their friendship, she and her former fiance never shared that. Now, with a broken engagement behind her and a promise she's vowed to keep, Rebecca is determined to make a new life for herself in Emerald Lake. She just never expected sparks to fly this quickly... Coming home and falling for his little brother's girl wasn't Sean Murphy's plan. Rebecca's sweet smile and kind heart make Sean feel at home--something he's never felt before. But a secret lingers between them, and no matter how powerful their attraction, Sean can't give his heart to a woman he can't trust. Or can he? As the days pass, Rebecca and Sean find it harder and harder to deny their desire. And they are in beautiful Emerald Lake, the perfect place for falling in love . . .
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Everyone has secrets. For Rebecca, her secret is someone else’s secret but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Rebecca Campbell hasn’t been having a great couple of weeks. First, her wedding to Stu Murphy was called off two weeks before it was suppose to take place and then Stu just ups and leaves leaving Rebecca to run the Inn. The whole town is trying to figure out what she did to make him leave, when really the secret lies with Stu. Now, on the eve of her wedding, Stu’s brother Sean shows up and sparks fly.

Sean arrives back home just in time for his brothers wedding but it seems he missed the memo that it was canceled. Then matters get worse when he realizes that the women he was checking out was Stu’s fiancĂ© and the woman who ran him off.

Sean can’t deny the sparks between him and Rebecca but he’s reluctant to get involved, and not just because she was his brothers fiancĂ©. He has a secret of his own that keeps him at a distance. He knows Rebecca deserves more and he can’t offer it. Sean has been hurt by the one person who he trusted, and now his trust is basically nonexistent.

It’s unusual that I love the heroine, I don’t know why but usually she annoys me but not Rebecca. She doesn’t have the best track record with men, Stu included, and finds herself falling back into old habits of falling for unavailable men with Sean. She knows she’s going to get hurt but she can’t resist. I have a lot of respect for her. What she does to try and help Sean knowing full well that it will most likely ruin
everything for her makes me want a friend like that.

“Sometimes loving someone enough means breaking a promise that will only hurt them if it’s kept.” She steeled herself to reopen her eyes, to hold his gaze, to keep the tears back. “You’re more important that any promise I could ever give you.”
I was blown away reading With This Kiss. My stomach was in knots and I couldn’t read it fast enough. It was a story that was full of romance and just a hint of mystery. I immediately fell in love with the character and didn’t want it to end. I can’t wait to read more from Bella Riley and go back to Emerald Lake.

***review copy from Netgalley***

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