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Reflecting On A Years Worth of Blogging

This past year has been a blur with so many fantastic and fabulous things happening on and off the blog. So let's take time to reflect back on some of the events that occurred...

Hello everyone! This past year of blogging has gone by so quickly and y’all have been super fantastic. Jamie and I went from Romancing Rakes and For The Love of Romance to smashing our blogs together and forming probably the longest blog title ever: Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. (say that few hundred times without messing up). There’s been so many great things that went down from the first review (Enclave by Ann Aguirre), the first author interview and giveaway (Jenn LeBlanc), our first convention together (RomCon), meeting some of our favorite authors at book signings (Maya Rodale, Sarah MacLean, Kieran Kramer), our first big blog event (December Joyathon) ...Oh, the list goes on and on. But we would like to take a few minutes to interview each other before we get to the good stuff...
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*grins at Jamie* So, what’s your favorite highlight from last year? It can be anything.

Not what you were thinking. Pervs!
Jamie: Anything? Hmm... There are so many to choose from. But I think my favorite thing was Denver. I had so much fun and we were actually in the the same place instead of 3000 miles away from each other. We meet some amazing authors at RomCon, played pass the dildo with Delilah Marvelle, handcuffed you, ran around with Jenn LeBlanc and a certain model we love. That was probably one of the best weekends ever. And we did end up in the shower together... after a very long day in Denver assisting on a photoshoot and a couple of margaritas.
What about you? What stands out for you?

Being sneaky about our use
of the riding crop.
Kati: I’m going to have to agree with Denver. That was the highlight of my year. Perhaps we’ll make it a sort of anniversary every year for as long as we have fun. I had several fan girl moments, too many drinks, we met fantastic authors, I lubed up a red dildo several times (seriously, that thing made the rounds to the point of getting dry...over and over and over again), found out what Jenn LeBlanc really does (which by the way is actually a really hard job), woke up every morning super early to work out (um, the plans of working out with the rest of RBW ladies totally fell through) and was surprised I had any energy left to exert, saw wayyyy too much of your cleavage and ended up making a lot of noise with a riding crop. Oh, and how could we not figure out that those handcuffs had the pop open button? Seriously, it took us forever trying to extract the key attached to them. lol

Okay, so we’ve been a little inappropriate with that. Let’s turn to books. What’s the one book this past year that had you utterly speechless, in a total reading funk or shouting on Twitter about it?

Jamie: I was in a big reading funk last year. I just couldn’t find anything that was keeping me interested. Then I discovered the wonderful world of Romantic Suspense and Navy SEALs. I read quite a few military romances that got me back into the swing of things. One was Jessica Scott’s Because of You. It was amazing. But also, Kaylea Cross’s Deadly Descent which had tears in my eyes. I also got back into my historicals thanks to Shana Galen’s Making of a Gentleman. Two words: Virgin Hero. Also, he’s about as Alpha as they come.

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Now, friend what about you? Is there a book or series perhaps that has caught your attention?

Kati: Ha! What a question that is. Due to peer pressure from you, I finally caved in and read JR Ward's BDB and good grief crhack is right! I’m pretty sure I read all 6 books one right after the other and then kind of got stuck on Rehv’s book. It took me a while but I powered through the rest of the books 2 months ago. So many great books have come out in the last year I don’t know who to begin with. I finally dipped my foot into Contemporary romance with Jane Graves (Black Ties and Lullabies) and I’ve been on a Romantic Suspense kick lately. Dee Davis, Lori Foster. Great series. Newcomer Kristen Callihan with her Darkest London (Firelight) series has caught my attention.

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***update: Um, how could I have forgotten Pamela Clare's Breaking Point? Seriously, it's what turned me on to Romantic Suspense. Plus, it doesn't hurt that there's some J.Hill chesticles on there with a side of Adonis line.***
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Now we have a lot of eye candy on the blog, who is your favorite?

Jamie: You want me to choose! Sheesh. Can’t I just have them all and call it a day? No? Ok... fine. I do love me some Jed Hill. But I do love me some Steve Boyd as well. But then I feel compelled to talk about Henry. And well this can just go on and on. Oh, and I can’t forget about Derek. Ok. I need to stop.

Now, I ask you to try and choose just one. It’s impossible.

Kati: Okay, that was a tough question. How about any guy rocking the saddle? That covers half of the men we’ve feature. Riiight? Henry did bring us together so I guess I would go with Henry but then Jenn LeBlanc started sharing her men and well, it all went downhill from there.

If you could spend a day with any author (Jenn doesn’t count because we already have) who has been featured on the blog, who would it be and what would you do?

Jamie: *heads desk* Why do you make me choose?!? Ok, ok. I’m better now. I’ve met and hung out with some of my favorite authors so I’ll pick someone I haven't hung out with. I think I would pick Julie James. I love her writing. She also goes and does really cool research for her books. Like I saw that she went to the FBI field office. So I would so totally make her take me with her. I do love a man in a suit and shoulder harness.

And since I chose, now you have to.

Kati: Haha! You totally do. I would spend it with Delilah Marvelle. She’s such an absolute hoot plus we can read romance books out loud to each other in British accents but knowing me, it would end up being a horrible Russian accent like the bat in Anastasia. Discovering Delilah’s books brought me back to romance plus, if I hang out with her, I can finally go the Museum of Sex in NYC. She says it’s for research, pfft. Suuuure.

Okay, now that we’re done reflecting and stuff, what question do you want to ask our fantastic blog readers?

Jamie: I knew you would say her. And I’m coming to the Museum of Sex with you too since it is in my backyard.

But anyway... Is there something missing you want to see on our blog? Is there something you can’t stand that we do? Have you been in a reading rut lately? Is there a super fabulous book that we NEED to read?

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***Don't forget to head over to Dani's blog (Ramblings From This Chick) to check out how her first year of blogging turned out. Lots of authors hung out at her blog as well as she attended AAD Philly.***
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