Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Post In Which Jamie Begs and Bribes

Ladies! It has come to my attention that in the race for Hottest Hunk my guy (well he's yours too) Fassy Fassbender is in THIRD! Now ladies, surely we know he is not third place material. Shall I count the ways in which he is sexy and hot? Well, I'm going to.

1. The man looks super fine in a pair of breeches. Jane Eyre anyone?

2. The bromance between him and James MacAvoy in X-Men.

3. Fassy getting down and dirty as Carl Jung in A Dangerous method. Seriously, he takes it there.

4. The man is not ashamed of his body. Can you say full frontal? The man bared all the goods (it was really good) in the movie Shame.

Now, yes. I will concede that Gandy has a body that I would lick from head to toe. And well, we all know I have a thing for Jed Hill but Michael Fassbender is just the guy.

So here I am begging for votes because you ladies are amazing. And since I was never really good at the begging and you can't see my puppy dog eyes I plan to bribe you a bit. (Yes, I have no shame.)

The first place winner who nominated the Hottest Hunk gets a $50 Amazon giftcard. I, being the good person I am, will pick a winner to send a sexy, hot, abtastic book too. Your choice will be an one of Jaci Burton's Play by Play series. Hello those are some serious cover there!

So Head over to the Man Candy Blog and vote for Fassy. Don't get distracted by the others!

Now, you will only have a chance to win a book if I win... So vote from your computer, your phone, your neighboors computer and anywhere else you can think of.
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