Monday, March 12, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Boxers, Briefs and Beefcake

Good Monday morning to y'all. We think you'll love this week's theme and the eye candy that goes along with it. The age old question: boxers or briefs won't be answered in this post but hey, you get to ogle men in boxers and briefs. Nothing is sexier than a man in his birthday suit but boxers or briefs comes in second.

Commence the oglage in 3... 2... 1... annnnd GO!

Ah yes. The ever sexy Kellan Lutz in his tighty whiteys one-upping the original Calvin Klein model Marky Mark.

Becks looks amazing with and without clothes. These briefs showcase his sexy thighs and The Magic Bulge. Good thing he's giving us the smolder because once he opens his mouth, the magic is gone. Seriously, have you heard the man talk? Not the voice we would have thought he would have.

Hellllooooo Cristiano Ronaldo! 3 pictures of this futbol hottie in boxers and briefs. Plus he's such a total beefcake. Now if he'd just ease up on the self tanner, he would be totes gorgeous. Crissy, back awayyy from the tanner.

 Mr. Romance Himself is wearing some blue briefs and um, they so accentuate his assets. Now if he could just lose those we'd be grinning from ear to ear.

Um, he was wearing boxer briefs at one point and well it looks like he may have spent too much time in the sun wearing them. Good call Saddle Dude. You lost the underthings. Now lose the saddle and boots and we'll come to some agreement. :)

Heyyy, Jedi and Pony Boy match with their blue briefs. This guy right here is all sorts of beefcake. Seriously, have you seen him? He looks like he lives at the gym and then some.

We'd love to share all the pictures we've got but then what would Man Candy Monday on Twitter be if there weren't anymore boxer, briefs or beefcakes to share? Boring. That's what. Join us tonight at 8PM Central Time (6,7 & 9 for the rest of us) and for the love of all that is coccyx, put a warning on the NSFW ones. Look for the #mancandymonday hashtag and jump in.

Did we miss any? Of course we did. We'd love to hear from you on who looks good in their tighty whiteys. :)
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