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Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway with RC Ryan + Katie Lane

We love our cowboys here at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance. We like 'em sexy, sweaty, rocking those butt hugging Wrangler's, driving that giant pickup truck, shading their gorgeous face from the sun with a Stetson, taking off their shirts cause they got too overheated in that summer sun...excuse us while we wipe the drool off our desks. RC Ryan and Katie Lane are here today to share their latest releases and they're packed with good ol' boy charm.


Meet RC:
New York Times best-selling author Ruth Ryan Langan has written 96 novels, both contemporary and historical.

Ruth has appeared on Good Morning America, and CNN, as well as dozens of radio and TV shows across the country, and has been quoted in such diverse publications as The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, and the Detroit Free Press.

Ruth is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, as well as a member of the Detroit Working Writers.

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Meet Katie:
Once upon a time there was a little girl who walked around with her head in the clouds. While the other kids paid attention to the world around them, this little girl (For clarity’s sake, let’s just call her Katie.) spent her days dreaming. The dreams varied. One day Katie might be a princess who was rescued by a prince on a three-legged horse (Perfection can be so boring.), and the next day she might find herself as an overworked mother of ten. (Mothers are wonderful heroines, don’t you agree?) This playacting was acceptable when Katie was little, but as she grew older, people started to take notice and think her a little odd. (Odd? What’s odd about a tall, skinny seventh grader pushing an overfilled doll stroller down the street?)

Now Katie spends her days at a computer daydreaming, while the rest of the time she enjoys hanging with her family, reading, going to the gym, playing golf, motorcycle riding, traveling, or just snuggling next to her snoring prince. (Snoring might seem like a minor imperfection when compared to a three-legged horse, but believe me it’s not) Because if the little girl of the clouds learned anything over the years, it was that every moment in life is a happily-ever-after just waiting to be fulfilled.

Connect with Katie: Author Site | Twitter | Facebook

Q&A with RC Ryan:
Jamie & Kati: Who is R.C. Ryan? (NYT best selling author, mother, international woman of mystery...)
RC Ryan: Well, your question gives some parts of the answer. I also write as Ruth Ryan Langan, New York Times best selling author. I'm the mother of five, and I've traveled enough to be called international. Woman of mystery? Not so much. My life's an open book. But besides being the author of 97 books both contemporary and historical, I love to travel, hike and play the piano. I live in Michigan, in a suburb with a rural feeling, beside a pond with deer, coyote, muskrats and foxes playing outside my window. I'm still crazy in love with my husband, and we're both still crazy after all these years.

J&K: Tell us a little bit about QUINN [no copying blurb :)]
RR: Quinn is my rugged, cowboy hero. He and his two younger brothers live with their father and grandfather on the family ranch in Wyoming. Quinn is a loner, who has made the life-cycle of wolves his passion and his scholarly study. He's tough, dedicated, family-oriented.

J&K: Do you have any writing rituals? (blasting music, complete silence, drinking wine...)
RR: I have an office in my home. It's the only place I work. Never take my laptop out on the deck, or on vacation. I work in total silence. No music. No TV. No telephone. Just me and my characters. And I drink tea. Lots of tea.

J&K: Plotter or pantser?
RR: Pantser. I absolutely have to let my characters dictate from one chapter to the next what they want and where they're going. And somehow, when I write the final chapter, it all seems to hold together. But while I'm writing, the journey remains a mystery.

J&K: What can readers expect from you next?
RR: I so hope my readers love these characters so much that they beg for more westerns. I do love writing them. I also write a novella each year under my Ruth Ryan Langan name with Nora Roberts and some good friends. I expect that will continue until our readers stop buying them.

Q&A with Katie Lane:
Jamie & Kati: Who is Katie Lane?
Katie Lane: I’m a dork who lives in my own little dream world ninety-eight percent of the time. When I come out of my writing cave I like to bike, golf, travel, and hang out with my family. I think I can knit, but if you saw one of my scarves, you’d disagree.

J&K: Tell us a little bit about CATCH ME A COWBOY [no copying blurb :)]
KL: Shirlene Dalton, a rich Texas widow, is evicted from her grand mansion and forced to move back in to her childhood trailer. Billy “Bubba” Wilkes is her good ol’ boy neighbor who only adds to Shirlene’s problems—until she decides to take him up on his offer of a little “Bubba luvin’.”

J&K: If you could write an anthology with 2 other authors, who would they be and what would it be about?
KL: I did write an anthology with two other authors, Small Town Christmas with Jill Shalvis and Hope Ramsay. And I would love to do it again. They are great writers and good people.

J&K: If Hollywood came knocking on your door and wanted to make CATCH ME A COWBOY into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
KL: Billy “Bubba” Wilkes—Christian Bale (just because I think he is so delicious and I want to meet him) Shirlene Dalton—Isla Fisher, maybe? Whoever plays Shirlene would need to have a knockout body and charismatic personality.

J&K: What do you have next in store for readers?
KL: Hunk for the Holidays comes out September of 2012. And I just finished writing another Deep in the Heart of Texas novel, Trouble in Texas, which should be out in December 2012.

GENRE: Contemporary
LENGHT: 352 pages
PUBLISHER: Forever (March 1,2012)

The Truth Can Be an Irresistible Temptation . . .

As a young boy, Quinn Conway was shattered by his mother's mysterious disappearance. Today, as the oldest of the Conway brothers, his only concern is protecting his family and their ranch. One look at beautiful, strong-willed Cheyenne O'Brien tells him she's also no stranger to tragedy. A series of increasingly dangerous "accidents" are plaguing her and her land, and Quinn can't stand idly by while a woman is in danger.

Fiercely independent, Cheyenne isn't one to lean on others, yet she can't deny her attraction to the rugged rancher offering help. Soon, the passion building between them proves as wild and untamed as the land she loves-and just as impossible to resist. But a relentless enemy is about to make one final devastating move. To survive, Quinn and Cheyenne must put their cherished freedom-and their hearts-at risk . . .
Where To Buy: Amazon(pb) | Kindle | B&N(pb) | Nook | Powell's
Book Extras: Jamie's Review
Other Books in Series(both coming later this year):

GENRE: Contemporary
LENGTH: 384 pages
PUBLISHER: Forever (March 27, 2012)

Back In The Saddle

Shirlene Dalton has it all: a dream marriage to a man who spoils her rotten and the most outrageous mansion Bramble, Texas, has ever seen. But when her husband unexpectedly dies, Shirlene finds herself right back where she started—in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. Never the type to let a little bad luck and a whole heap of heartache get her down, Shirlene is ready to prove to the local gossips she can make it on her own...until she ends up living next to the most tempting cowboy in town.

Billy Wilkes has a score to settle and a plan to wipe Bramble right off the map. But when his sexy, redheaded neighbor figures out what he's up to, his good ol' boy charm won't be enough to save him. With the town on his tail, Billy will have to come clean quick—or kiss Shirlene goodbye.
Where To Buy: Amazon(pb) | Kindle | B&N(pb) | Nook | Powell's
Book Extras: Read an Excerpt | Kati's Review
Other Books in Series(click on covers for excerpts):

Step right up ladies and gents, Forever is giving away three(3) sets of these books to three(3) lucky US READERS. That's right, you can have your very own copies of QUINN and CATCH ME A COWBOY. Here's how to get your hands on these delicious cowboys...
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A huge thank you to Forever for both giveaway and review copies as well as forwarding correspondence between Ms. Ryan, Ms. Lane and us.

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