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Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway with Jennifer Lynne


Meet Jennifer:
Jennifer Lynne is a multi-published author who writes sensual and erotic romance from her home in Melbourne, Australia. She has two novellas published with Red Sage, including Seducing Serena in Secrets Volume 28 Sensual Cravings, and Pandora's Gift. Her first sensual romance with Breathless Press, Educating Ethan, will be out in February. Jen lives in hope that readers will continue to enjoy her novella-length tales of love and lust!

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"5 Reasons To Date A Younger Man" by Jennifer Lynne

Thank you to Romancing Rakes for having me here on today's blog tour stop.

Ida, my heroine in Educating Ethan, has a number of valid reasons that make her reluctant to commit to a relationship with her younger neighbor, Ethan. But maybe if she'd undertaken some of the same research I did when looking at the advantages of an older woman dating a younger man – plenty more pros than cons, it seems – she'd have been much quicker off the mark. Though I do admit that my "research" involved a bottle of wine and a few women friends!

So, based on my research (thanks, ladies!), what would be my top five reasons for an older woman to date a younger man? I must say, as a 40+ woman myself, making this list was kinda fun! In no particular order, these are the reasons I'd pick to date a younger man (if I weren't already happily in love with my older guy, that is!):
  1. Sexual equality. Men reach their sexual peak much earlier than women, so dating a younger guy gives an older woman more of a chance for a similar libido level in their partner.
  2. Physical strength and higher energy levels in a younger guy – for life in general and hopefully the bedroom in particular (and without the expanded waistline that older men often have).
  3. Older women are quite often already established in a career, or at least have a good idea of what they want and don't want from life and from their partner. When they choose to date a younger man I would guess there is more of an equal footing between partners rather than the more traditional idea of a "father figure" who might be able to look after them. I also think younger men may be more inclined to accept the situation if their older partner has a more successful career than they do.
  4. There is less likely to be emotional baggage with a younger guy – in the form of ex-wives or children. There is more chance that the relationship will be about the couple rather than their families.
  5. Younger men are quite often willing to learn, and I think it would be quite gratifying to a woman's sense of self-worth if she had a partner who looked to her for guidance based on her more extensive life experience. Especially so if that carries over into the bedroom.
As I mentioned, I'm happily in a relationship with a man quite significantly older than me, so in a way I've done the opposite of what's on this list. But at the end of the day, I've chosen a partner based on the individual, without regard for how old – or young – he may be.

That is, in fact, one of the key messages I hope comes through in Educating Ethan – that Ida and Ethan's age difference pretty much becomes irrelevant, and in the end it is just two people falling in love and trying to overcome the emotional obstacles that we all bring to a new relationship. Regardless of our age.

It was hard to maintain eye contact as she spoke, with his magnificent chest bare to the world, the pinkish brown nipples puckered slightly in the air-conditioned room, and the faint sprinkling of dark hair that led downwards in an enticing line like a persistent arrow directing her wayward gaze.

And her wayward gaze complied, whether she wanted it to or not, noting the curve of those thighs and the implicit strength in the coiled muscles as he moved forward to reach for another roll. She glanced only briefly this time but still he knew. She could tell in the amused curl of his lips as they lifted and the knowing way he slanted his eyes at her. God, what was wrong with her today?

He's too young, she reminded herself. And he sure as hell won't be thinking of me that way.

He probably misses his mother's cooking.

She took a deep, steadying breath. "Careful, Ethan. They're really hot."

There. A mother would say something like that. Wouldn't she?

"But delicious." His eyes crinkled at the corners as he chewed and swallowed. He looked adorably young. She moved around to the other side of the island and gripped its edges. Now she couldn't see anything below his hips. Much safer.

"What's it called?" He spoke around the food, and for a moment, she wasn't quite sure to what he was referring.

It's called lust, she thought. Or maybe cradle snatching? "Umm…"

"Your catering company. What's it called?"

"Oh!" Tension released from her shoulders as they ventured into a familiar topic of conversation. Work she could deal with. "Simply Delicious."

"How very…appropriate." The look he was sending her had her breath catching in her throat and had nothing to do with food.
Ida Deloraine intends to build herself a new life and a new career in catering, after a painful divorce. When the much younger Ethan Holt moves in across the street, an innocent flirtation quickly becomes serious when the two realise their age difference is no barrier to all-consuming passion.

But Ethan is the exact opposite of what Ida is looking for in a sexual partner. He is young and vibrant, with his life and his dreams still ahead of him, whereas hers are all in the past. Can Ethan, who is fighting his own demons in the form of a car accident, failed marriage and forced career change, convince Ida to overcome the past and live for the moment?
And just who is educating who in this cougar encounter?

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Jennifer's question: Are you in a relationship with someone significantly younger – or older – than you? What do you think are some of the advantages or disadvantages of a so-called "cougar" relationship? All comments on my post here at Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance will go in the draw to win a $20 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Winner will be announced at the end of my blog tour on Mar 30th.

If you'd like to follow my tour, next stop will be Forever Book Lover on Mar 15th, where I'll be discussing the issue of blending two families under the one roof.

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A huge thank you to Jennifer for hanging out at the blog and for the ladies at Goddess Fish Promotions for forwarding correspondence between Jennifer and us.

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