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Erotic Historical Review: A Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane

A Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane
FORMAT: e-book
GENRE: Erotic Historical
LENGTH: 100 pages
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave

When charm and persuasion fail...only seduction remains...

On the night of her betrothal, Lydia Trent receives just a taste of what ecstasy will be at the hands of her fiancé…and then he leaves her wanting. After waiting six years, and tired of being neglected by her exceedingly reluctant husband-to-be, Lydia decides to break it off.

When Marcus, Lord Russell, receives Lydia’s letter requesting a release from their contract, he is stunned by her audacity. Confident he’ll have her eating out of his hand with his usual wit and charm, he’s determined to repair the damage. However, the headstrong woman she’s blossomed into is equally determined to thwart his every effort to win her back.

Marcus discovers, in spite of her conviction to end the union, Lydia is more responsive to his touch than he ever imagined. He just needs to get her alone to unleash the promised passion he sees within his wanton virgin. Marcus will use any tool in his arsenal to exploit her weakness—his kisses, his hands, his mouth…her own body. In short, he’ll just have to ruin her!
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I Liked it!


After experiencing just a touch of pleasure on the night of her betrothal Lydia Trent wanted nothing more than to marry Lord Marcus Russell. But she was forced to wait… for six years. Tired of waiting for a man she assumes don’t want her she informs her absentee fiancé that she would like to break their agreement.

Marcus is shocked that Lydia would want to end their betrothal. Sure he has put off their marriage but not because he didn’t like Lydia… just idea of getting married. So now he must find a way to keep Lydia and of course the easiest way, at least in his mind, is to seduce her. He remembers how much passion she had on the night of their betrothal so he thinks this will be easy. That is until he realizes that his young, innocent fiancé has become a smart, stubborn, strong willed woman and someone he needs by his side.

Lydia isn't going to give in that easily to Marcus. She can't deny that her attraction to him is still there but she refuses to be ignored. She spent the last six years waiting for him, learning to be the perfect diplomats' wife for Marcus but she wants more. She wants a marriage based on trust, respect and love.

Marcus wasn't expecting to fall for Lydia, he just thought he would seduce her to stay with him then go on his way. But when he discovers that Lydia is the perfect partner he can't let her get away. So he pulls out all the stops to keeping Lydia... in a carriage.

Favorite quote:
Part of her—a small but defiant part, the part that still remembered her girlhood fantasies—desperately wanted to trust him, but the stronger part remembered how he had thoughtlessly cast her aside. “We can’t always have what we want, Marcus. You must accustom yourself to disappointment.”

As I have. The unspoken words hung between them.

Marcus’ mouth twitched. “But there you are wrong, my love. I always get what I want.”
Can you say HOT? Marcus certainly doesn’t hold back and neither does Lydia. Prepare for hot sexy times in the garden, in the carriage and of course the bedroom.

My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. I would’ve loved to see these two really go at it and fight for their relationship. But then again I’m greedy. Though if it was longer I think it would have been AMAZING! A Breach of Promise was a short, SEXY read. If you want something spicy but not in the whips and chains way then this is it. It’s erotic and sexy.

***review copy provided by author***

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