Monday, February 20, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Sweater and Glasses Edition

Good Monday morning to you all. Of course today is the best day of the week! We're sharing super sexy pictures that will get your pulse racing, your heart thudding and your panties dropping. But for all of this to happen, you'll have to join us on Twitter at 8PM CST (6,7 &9 for the rest of us) and look for the #mancandymonday hashtag. You can't miss it. For real.

This week, we're looking at the nerdier side of man candy. What?! Sweaters and glasses scream nerd. Unless you throw in a pocket protector or two. Yeah, the ones for pencils. Not that other kind of protector. Sheesh! 

We'll stop talking now...

Our trifecta...Richard, Henry and Derek. Kati made this for the last time we did men in glasses and sweaters. Or professor candy, as it was labeled.

The original Mr. Darcy in glasses and a suit. How totally suave and sexy for an older man. *swoon*

A #mancandymonday favorite with clothes on! OMG! Who told Steve Boyd to put a shirt and tie on? Yes, he's got glasses that make him look DELICIOUSLY SEXY. 

Gah! This guy has 3 of our favorite things: rock hard abs, suspenders and glasses. We're in lust. 

We get a little Bomer when we see this guy. Glasses or no, those baby blues are GORGEOUS!

And one more for good measure. What? His sweater is probably somewhere on the floor.

We would keep going with all the pictures we have but then you wouldn't join us for Man Candy Monday on Twitter. Remember, sharing IS caring and we care. Again, for the love of coccyx! put a warning on the NSFW ones. Seriously. An invisible trophy goes to the first man candy babe that gets blocked from posting pictures on Twitter due to inappropriate content. Should that happen to you, start tumbling then through Tumblr. Yay for workarounds!

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