Monday, February 27, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Lip Service

Another Monday, more hotties to ogle. This week we're bringing you some sexy pouters or lip service. And these lips, we'd like to be serviced by. Not that weird Zoolander duck lips thing but luscious, super kissable lips.

Enough words... so pucker up

He's got a bit of the smolder going on but Jamie would love to lock lips with Mr. Cam Gigandet. Yeah, that dude from Twilight who got his head ripped off at the end of the first movie.

If Channing Tatum can do that with those sunglasses, think of what else he could do with that mouth...

Purejoy Purefoy also has the smolder and lips going on.

Baby blues and pouty lips and scruff? Where do we sign up? Mr. Andrew Stetson has got quite the face going on.

Hey Steve! Put that cigarette out and put those lips to good use. Starting with us... Seriously.

Shhh... that's right Chris, don't speak. You've got the right idea. Now remove that finger and let us see your kisser.

Again, with the smolder and lips. These guys have it down to a science. Especially Ian here.

Um, we have no words for this. Just a peek at Magic Mike with Channing and Bomer. They've got lips. lol

And finally a blast from the past... some major attitude with the eyes and lips. Some original eye candy from this blog courtesy of Miz Jenn LeBlanc.

That's it from us. If we kept sharing, we wouldn't have anything left for Twitter tonight. Join us for #mancandymonday at 8PM Central (6,7 &9 for the rest of us) to share, ogle, giggle and swoon. And again, for the love of coccyx! put a warning on the NSFW ones. Examples: butt action, full frontal with front and center peen, partial peen and all variations thereof and lastly, a combination of butt and peen aka side view. Some participants have delicate constitutions which surprise us considering what type of oglers we are but hey, to each her own.
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