Monday, February 6, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Hawt Cuisine Edition

When we first heard men eating as the theme for today, our minds wandered to some super dirty thoughts. If you don't get it, you need to find someone in your life who constantly has their mind in the gutter to explain it to you. After we got an explanation as to what kind of pictures we had to research, we were all over that like white on rice (pun intended).

So we scoured the internets and may have had eyes as big as saucers when totally inappropriate images came up. Seriously, there's a totally NSFW Tumblr dedicated to men eating. *cough* But we found some SFW pictures and NSFW but not that kind of eating.

We present you with... *drum roll please, feel free to use whatever kitchen utensil you'd like to bang the counter with to make the drumming sound*
We love us some Food Network and well Chef Curtis is quite the looker and he can cook. What a sexy combo. We can't forget Chef Tyler Florence. He's another of our favorite chefs.

How about a tempting bite of an apple with Robert Downey Jr?

We wish we were that coffee cup...
Another apple? Sheesh! An apple a day brings the hot men out to play.

We don't know what they're eating but we think they should strip down to their tighty-whiteys. Just saying.

We want to be that watermelon. Matt Bomer, you gave us a little boner Bomer...

We'll leave you with our favorite man. Join the #mancandymonday babes tonight at 8PM CT (6,7 &9PM for the rest of us). Use that hashtag and come share pictures of your hawt cuisine. Men making food, eating, drinking, drenched in chocolate... you get the idea. Please for the love of coccyx, put a NSFW on the ones that are totally inappropriate. The MCM Babes have a tendency to drink while ogling and computers have gotten quite a few "spit takes". Be kind, warn us and help keep the computers liquid free.
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