Monday, February 13, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Blue Jeans

While you're viewing this week's Man Candy Monday, go ahead and hum along with "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" by Jake Owen. Appropriate, don't you think?

However you look at it, a man looks good in jeans no matter the angle. We heart Levi 501s. They're like the magic jeans hugging in all the right places. Forget the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. We bring you the Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants.

Exhibit A: Brought to you by one of our favorite cover models and his perfect Adonis Line. Yes ladies, step right up. Ogle all you want. He looks good dressed up or dressed down or in nothing at all but for a blue guitar. (Seriously, if you don't know who he is, you've got to brush up on Name That Cover Model by His Abs.)

Exhibit B: So we went and saw The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum (separately of course since we live cross country from each other) and well, it's sad but be sure to stay for the Channing Tatum ass. You won't want to miss it. Until then, salivate over these two pictures. (Be on the lookout for Magic Mike coming to a theater near you. It's an overdose of hawt man candy.)

Exhibit C: Oh Becks. If only he wouldn't open his mouth to talk. Seriously. That voice does not match our image of him. In our minds, he's got a deep romance hero voice. Just look.

Exhibit D: Why yes, it's Saddle Boy but this time he's in jeans. *dies* Seriously, brush up on Name That Hot Man Just By His Abs. It's ridiculous when we can just glance at the cut of the Adonis Line, the bulge of the biceps, the jut of the chin and know who the heck it is.
Exhibit E: This is no Average Joe.

Gawd, dontcha loooove the fit of those jeans on a man? The way it sits low on the hips, curves along his bum... Oh! And we'll leave you with this because we love you. Don't forget to join us tonight on Twitter, look for the #mancandymonday hashtag (8PM EST) and share your sexy men in jeans. And for the love of coccyx! Please put a NSFW warning on the totally inappropriate ones. Sure, we sometime appreciate the full frontals  or inconveniently placed items but if your man has only one piece of clothing cover his Magic Wang or he's posed Ass Up, warn us. Some have delicate constitutions and the smelling salts have to be broken out. 

Wait, what's that? Oh yeah. We promised you some man jean love...

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