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Interview + Giveaway with Katharine Ashe

We Hottie Scotties and we sure as heck love secret agents. We're not sure what it is about them that gets our hearts beating triple time. Maybe it's the danger that surrounds them. The lovely Miz Katharine Ashe is here to share her latest release, WHEN A SCOT LOVES A LADY, as well as sneak peeks into the next two books of the new Falcon Club series.


Meet Katharine:
The American Library Association’s Booklist named Katharine Ashe among its “New Stars of Historical Romance.” She is a two-time nominee in the Reviewers’ Choice Best Book Awards, and her novella, A Lady’s Wish, launched Harper Collins Publishers’ e-book imprint, Avon Impulse, to rave reviews.

Katharine lives in the wonderfully warm Southeast with her husband, son, two dogs, and a garden she likes to call romantic rather than unkempt. A professor of European history, she has made her home in California, Italy, France, and the northern US. She loves hearing from readers!

Find Katharine: Author Site | Twitter | Facebook | Ballroom Blog

Kati: Hi Katharine! Congrats on your latest release. It’s a pleasure to have you at the blog again. :)
Katharine: Thanks, Kati. It’s lovely to be here. And congratulations to you on your new partnership with Jamie. (thanks!)

Kati & Jamie: Who is Katharine Ashe? (author, mother, runner, European history professor, international woman of mystery...)
Katharine Ashe: Oh, I like that “international woman of mystery.” Yes, indeed.

With my family I’m “Mommy”, “Katie”, and provider of puppy treats. In my office or on my deck I’m happy writer. Out and about I’m runner and cafĂ© lover. On campus I’m professor of European religious history. And on twitter I’m cookie-aholic.

K&J: How did you pick the title for WHEN A SCOT LOVES A LADY?
KA: As I was planning the book, one day I was listening to an oldies radio station and I heard “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge. It was so right for the hero, Leam, the Earl of Blackwood, I knew in an instant this must be the title.

K&J: Tell us a little bit about Leam and Kitty.
KA: Leam is a lady’s most delectably sinful dream. He is tall and gorgeous in a rawboned Scottish borderlands fashion, with dark eyes that promise seriously scorching passion. As a secret agent of the Falcon Club, in high society he dresses casually, flirts incorrigibly, and is known to still mourn the tragic death of his young wife years ago. In private he is a man of eight languages, four unquestionably trusting friends, two devoted Irish Wolfhounds, but no heart to speak of any longer. He is a poet and a lord and everything he shows of himself to the world is a lie.

Lady Kitty Savege wears a disguise of sorts too. Pretending cool hauteur in society, she has lived her life seeking vengeance on the man who ruined her, but now her heart aches for something more -- for joy and adventure and, most of all, love. She thinks Lord Blackwood is a barbarian, from his loose neckcloth to his roguish brogue. Nevertheless, she can’t manage to stop throwing herself at him every time they have a moment alone together! He’s far too handsome, she’s far too wanton, and when they come together it’s far, far too hot to resist.

K&J: Do you have any writing rituals? (baking Toll House cookies, listening to music, drinking wine...)
KA: I write everywhere and any time I can! So, no, I don’t have particular rituals. When I write I like my desk to be clear of everything but my laptop and perhaps a cup of coffee. But if a scene is pressing desperately at me to be written, those things don’t matter either.

K&J: Plotter or pantser?
KA: I plot every book, with the most intensely emotional scenes central to that plotting. But I’ll change the plan if that’s where the characters take me. They’re in control!

K&J: If Hollywood came knocking and wanted to make WHEN A SCOT LOVES A LADY into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?
KA: Oh, this is a tough one. I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I don’t know all the stars out there now, and I’d be sure to pass up folks that are perfect for the roles. Can I leave this one to my readers and let you know?

K&J: Can you give us a sneak peek or tell us something about the next two books in The Falcon Club series?
KA: In book #2, How To Be a Proper Lady, Captain Jin Seton is a former pirate with a very dark past and a lost lady in his sights, and he’ll stop at nothing to find her. The moment I wrote the first lines about Jin in Captured by a Rogue Lord, I knew I had to tell his story, and I knew precisely whom his heroine would be -- Viola Carlyle, kidnapped by smugglers as a girl but fighting mad to be dragged back to England now. Jin is sublimely confident and totally caught off guard by his quarry. Their romance is a seductively fiery battle of wills.

In book #3, How a Lady Weds a Rogue, a hardened spy meets his match in a country miss who demands that he play the role of hero in her quest. But the road may prove more dangerous than she imagined when her un-damsel-like desire for her knight in shining armor and his intoxicating embrace turn out to be the real adventure…

How To Be a Proper Lady is coming Jun 26, and How a Lady Weds a Rogue follows on September 25!

K&J: If you could write an anthology with any 2 authors (dead or alive) who would they be and what would it be about?
KA: A wedding anthology with Liz Carlyle and Lisa Kleypas.

K&J: What are you currently reading?
KA: Maya Rodale’s THE TATTOOED DUKE, released yesterday from Avon alongside WHEN A SCOT LOVES A LADY. It’s soo good!!

K&J: What do your family and friends think about you writing romance books?
KA: I am truly blessed in this. My family and friends are enormously supportive and enthusiastic. They’re always there as sounding boards for plot or character ideas, to brainstorm titles, to “ooh!” and “ahh!” over my covers, to check historical details (many of my friends are professors of history too), to comfort and encourage me when things get challenging, and to pop the bubbly when it’s time to celebrate. They also buy my books, give them as gifts to friends, and recommend them to strangers in bookstore aisles. I thank the Lord every day for their love and support.

K&J: Authors choice.
KA: If a hero from a romance novel came to life and stood right in front of you, what’s the one thing you would ask him?

Kati: Thank you so much Katharine!
Katharine: Thank you, Kati. This has been such fun!

London gossips are asking: What use has society of an exclusive gentleman’s club if no gentlemen are ever seen to pass through its door?

After years as an agent of the secret Falcon Club, Lord Leam Blackwood knows it’s time to return home to Scotland. One temptation threatens his plans—Kitty Savege. The scandal-plagued lady warms his blood like a dram of fine whiskey. But a dangerous enemy stands in the way of desire, and to beat this foe Leam needs Kitty’s help…

Kitty never wanted to spend her holidays in a wretched country village! With snow up to the windows, escape is nowhere in sight. A roguish Scottish lord, however, is. His rough brogue sends tingles of heat from Kitty’s frigid toes to her chilled nose, but she’s confident she can withstand that. What she cannot control is the reaction of her carefully guarded heart when she discovers this beast is, in fact, no beast at all…
Where To Buy: Amazon(pb) | Kindle | B&N(pb) | Nook | Book Depository | Powell's

Katharine is giving away a copy of CAPTURED BY A ROGUE LORD to one(1) lucky reader and it's open internationally. Yay! Here's how to get your hands on it:
  • Leave a comment answering Katharine's question: If a hero from a romance novel came to life and stood right in front of you, what’s the one thing you would ask him? (just saying 'thanks for the giveaway' isn't going to cut it)
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form. You must comment but all other entries are optional. We recommend following Katharine on Twitter for sneak peeks and giveaways. Seriously.
A huge thank you to Katharine for stopping by the blog today and for offering a copy of CAPTURED BY A ROGUE LORD.

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