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Historical eARC Review: Once Upon A Wicked Night by Jennifer Haymore (novella)

ONCE UPON A WICKED NIGHT by Jennifer Haymore
Series: Donovan Sisters #1.5 (novella)
FORMAT: eBook via Netgalley
GENRE: Historical
LENGTH: 8.096 words (novella)
PUBLISHER: Forever Yours (February 1, 2012)

All of London looks forward to the Dowager Duchess of Clayworth’s annual ball. For no matter how hard the serious society matron strives to host an elegant event, scandal always ensues…

Seven years ago it was a young Serena Donovan and Jonathan Dane who shocked the ton when they were discovered in a most compromising position. Tonight they return for the first time as the Earl and Countess of Stratford. And while Serena hopes for a quiet evening to introduce her younger sister Olivia to society, Jonathan’s only desire is to pick up where he and Serena left off…

Though innocent Olivia secretly longs for the kind of passion her sister shares with her husband, none of the men she’s met spark a fire inside her heart—least of all the notorious Marquis of Fenwicke. When his request for a waltz turns into something sinister, Olivia must use her wit and wiles to evade a powerful peer who vows if can’t have her, no man shall…
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Spotted: One, Miss Olivia Donovan getting leered at by a certain Marquis in a dark alcove on the second story of the Dowager Duchess of Clayworth's annual ball. Will they be found by the London ton and will OD be shunned? A source informs me that the Marquis is a married man but tends to step out on his wife. Ladies, keep your legs closed and your virtue well guarded!

Hello lovers... Seven years to this day, Miss Serena Donovan the newly wedded Countess of Stratford and her Earl were caught in a most compromising embrace. Well, a source has discreetly informed me that they're at it again and a certain sister may or may not have gotten quite an eyeful. Oh, haven't either of learned from the past?

Certified Grade A Creepy Marquis... The Marquis mentioned earlier is quite the ladies man and has taken a shine to poor OD. Hello Marquis dude, you're married. Oh wait, this is a normal occurrence for men of your station. But for goodness sake, never tell an innocent lady all the lurid things you'll do to her when you get her alone. That just makes you a total creep. And informing a certain lady that if you can't have her, no one else can, that's just stepping over that fine line of sleazy into Edward Cullen watching you in the corner creepy. Yikes!

Enjoy it while you're young... Miss Jessica Donovan giving it a whirl around the ballroom. This young lady looks like the only Donovan sister who will have the time of her life this season.

Now the real question is: Will the sisters Donovan take the London ton by storm or will complications arise that could put their lives in danger? You'll have to read the full books after this novella because I'll never tell...

XOXO, Romance Girl

It was the truth. She didn't even want a man's mouth—his saliva—on her again. She didn't want anyone breathing oysters and champagne, hot and moist and heavy, onto her skin. She didn't want someone's arms trapping her, imprisoning her in such a tight web of limbs that they stole the breath from her lungs. She heaved in a great breath and released it on an angry sob.
OVERALL: This was a short, fast read that gave a little insight to what happens after Serena (Meg) and Jonathan's happily ever after (Confessions of An Improper Bride) and the showdown between Olivia Donavan and that creepy Lord Fenwicke. It sets up Olivia's book, Secrets of An Accidental Duchess. I wish it was a bit longer with a little more Jessica and Phoebe time but the ending definitely leaves you wondering what Olivia will do to keep herself from running into Fenwicke.

***review copy from Netgalley***

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