Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway with Amelia Fayer

Ever wander into the dark corner of the library and think that The Sexy could happen there with a very good looking man? Preferably a hot Brit. Or perhaps you've ogled that good looking librarian perched at the circulation desk just waiting to check you out. Er, check out your books for you. Amelia Fayer's LUST IN THE LIBRARY will show you that libraries are sexy.


Meet Amelia:
Amelia Fayer lives in New England with her husband within close range of an inspirational library. When she is not writing, she likes to read, hike, garden and knit (not necessarily in that order).

Where To Find Amelia: Author Site | Facebook

Thank you to the ladies at Romancing Rakes For the Love of Romance for having me here today.

Usually when people think of the library, they only think of a bunch of shelves with books on them all lined up. A lot of libraries, though, have all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies in which to indulge in a little ‘extracurricular reading.’

Amelia Fayer’s Top Five Places for “Lust in the Library”

5) The Copy Room – Plenty of stuff to lean against or prop yourself up on and you can take home a souvenir.

“I think we’d look better from this angle.”

4) The Reading Room – Usually this room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Perhaps it needs a little excitement.

“Shh, this is a library.”

3) Special Collections – All those old fusty folios need to be shaken up every now and then. The only reason this isn’t ranked higher is because all the double entendres might get tedious.

“I’d like to see your ‘Special Collection.’”

2) Circulation Desk – If he’s going to check you out, might as well follow the rules.

“I’m due back on the 17th.”

1) Up against a bookshelf, preferably one of love poetry – Having two of my most favorite things within reaching distance? Perfect. And after, you can make him read to you.

“Here, read some Barrett Browning please.”

Did I forget any place? Screw up the order? Let me know in the comments!


Some like it hot, and some like it in the reference section.

Sara is having a love affair with books. But, since books can't make love to you, it means she's in the middle of a very long dry spell. Until a sexy Brit shows up. Suddenly she's learning just how stimulating a library can be up against a bookcase, behind the card catalog, on the circulation desk…

Meanwhile: Veronica is incredibly frustrated. While Sara and her new man are using the library as their personal adult playground, she's stuck with only her thesis and her sexual fantasies. But Andrew, her crush, isn't above using his assets to get Veronica right where he wants her: alone, in a darkened corner of the stacks. Who knew reading could be this pleasurable?

Where To Buy: Kindle | Nook | All Romance

Okay, all you lovely people. Amelia is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one randomly drawn commenter during her tour so here's how to win:
  • Leave a comment answering Amelia's question: Did I forget any place? Screw up the order? Let me know in the comments!
  • Follow her blog tour here.
Remember, the more stops you comment at, the better chance you have at winning that giftcard.

A huge thanks to Amelia for stopping by the blog and providing the fun giveaway. Also, thanks to the ladies at Goddess Fish Promotions for forwarding correspondence between Amelia and us.
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