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Wicked Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway with Jenn LeBlanc

Although I had a fantabulous time trying to coax answers out of the Duke of Roxleigh (it wasn't like he was revealing his deepest, darkest secrets or anything), I thoroughly enjoyed my time hanging out with Francine, Rox's lady love. She's got more to say and I'm glad her voice came back because I'm not well versed in sign language. Note to self: learn. Anyway, we talked about Rox, Perry (duh!), Hepplewhatsit *shudder* and finding out that Madeleine has sisters who are now hers. 

Meet Jenn: 
I have several constants in life that define me:
Colorado, Canon, CJ, kids and curls.

Born and raised in a household of other people’s children in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— I never left. I started my own family, got used to the curls, went to college, built a CJ, and started a business, all with a camera in hand.

I always had another passion; storytelling born from daydreams and nightmares. My fingers were never as quick as my mind, and no amount of practice got them there, so it was difficult and frustrating to have this inside me. When my second daughter was born her inherent traits kept me pinned— my only escape the keyboard. Spending my days in parenting chat rooms I got highly adept with one-handed typing and I can still type just about as fast with one hand as I can with two. It’s a great talent to have when engrossed in a scene and in need of a hit of caffeine. I recently finished my first novel but I quickly realized: I was born a photographer.

From the realization that someone ELSE would be shooting the cover of MY book my control-freak took over. What started as an easy cover shoot ballooned into this completely new kind of media, designed specifically for digital book readers.

I live and thrive off chaos and the constant flow of the creative process. I wear shorts and flip-flops year-round —much to the chagrin of my friends and family— and I am currently working on the illustrations for my second novel.

Where To Find Jenn: Twitter | Facebook | Author Site | Blog | Tumblr (NSFW)

Okay lovelies. It’s been two weeks since we spent some time with Gideon Alrick Trumbull, 10th Duke of Roxleigh. Today, we’ll be hitting up his lady love, Francine Larrabee. Yes, the pretty blonde girl who goes brunette after getting into a taxi, thrown into the path of a bent for leather curricle and loses her voice, all the while thinking her father is a loon for saying that certain people in the Larrabee family are out of their own time and a higher power is trying to get them to the correct one.

Anywho, Jenn has been kind enough to let me interview Francine. I’ll try not to get too inappropriate but I’m sure she can take it because she’s from our time. She doesn’t seem like a prude. I think.

Kati: Hi Francine. Thanks so much for taking the time to hang out with my readers today.
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Francine: Hi Kati! *grins* I’m so happy to be here. I have missed the 21st century a LOT. Is that an iPad you have there? *snatches it* ohhhhhh...this is beautiful! Wait...Is that GIDEON?!?! *gasp* Kati!!

K: *blushes sheepishly* He is utter perfection is he not? Er, sorry. Um the author who wrote your story keeps sending me inappropriate pictures of Gid--Roxleigh. And yes isn't this thing just GORGEOUS??? Your book is just lovely on it. So tell me, do you miss anything about the 21st century? Music, movies, celebrity gossip, toilets? Can't be all that fun peeing in a chamber pot. Seems a bit awkward squatting like that.
F: It's not too bad, we do have water closets, but I happen to know that toilets are not far off and we are already making arrangements at Eildon for the installations. It's handy having an architect in your back pocket who doesn't ask too many questions when you pose an odd design challenge. ;) I do miss music, I miss my iPhone and my Mac but not nearly as much as I thought I would. Gideon does keep me busy and I look forward to things like balls and concerts I ways I never did before because you could just DVR it and watch it later.

It's really a greater adventure, and the world is slowly picking up pace. It's very exciting to watch. Cars are coming soon!! Gideon is thrilled by that prospect, though I doubt he'll ever give up Samson, he will enjoy cars.

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K: Hmm... Gideon would seem like a car guy but I think Perry would enjoy it more and look good in a sports car. lol. Water closets? Is there like a toilet in there and how do you flush?
Is it weird having someone wait on you hand and foot? I think it would be seeing as how we do things for ourselves here.
F: well, the mechanics are rather outhouse in nature, there is no flushing- that comes with the new toilets, but at least it isn't a pot.

It was difficult getting used to being dressed like a toddler, but it is physically impossible to dress yourself in Victorian England. I need a map just to figure out what goes where, I actually got trapped in a dress once trying to get into it on my own. Gideon cut me out of it, there was no hope for it. It was terrible.

But for the most part, when we are home, I stick with trousers and Gideon's shirts. Partially because of the ease and comfort, but primarily because it gets a rise out of him. *winks*

Honestly I still refuse a great deal of help in my private rooms, but it's rather like living in a hotel. Except for the...uh...room service. *waggles brows*

K: Inappropriate! Let’s talk about TRATR Redux Part 2. We are introduced to new characters like that fantastic architect Amberley Shaw *giggle*. Were you surprised that he knew sign language? What makes it different from ASL?
F: I was! I was more surprised at how much I remembered though, I suppose it's a bit like riding a bicycle. The differences are mostly in the alphabets. If you consider that sign language is primarily an inherently created language of hand signals it makes sense that the signs for words would be at kinda similar. The alphabet though isn't inherent at all, it’s based on each languages' respective alphabets, but the differences can still be great.

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All Romance
K: *face palm* Oh. I’m supposed to be interviewing you for part 3 but since Roxleigh wasn’t forthcoming with answers in his interview, I guess I’ll backtrack a little with you. Okay, let’s dish about Perry. *sigh* What was it like the first time you met him? I mean, he’s like baby Roxleigh. Wait, that came out wrong. He’s like a Roxleigh miniat--okay, maybe you get the picture. There are two of them. *dies*
F: Gideon not forthcoming? No!!! I'll have to speak with him about that. *grins* So, Perry. It took me forever to use his "Christian" name you know. Once I was entrenched in the strictures of society it felt so odd. We really take that familiarity for granted these days, particularly in America.

Anywho, Perry. I love him so dearly. I was terribly overcome at first sight of course I mean, yes TWO OF THEM, and I was still rather out of sorts at the time. I think I may have likened them to football players and visitors to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. *ponders, shrugs* One was overwhelming enough. But Perry has a very different soul from Gideon, they are both solidly rooted in tradition and driven by grace above all. Perry though, oh he does have some surprises doesn't he? I don't think I should say too much about him. *claps hands* I can’t WAIT for everyone to hear about him!!

K: No. I don’t think you should. Then what would the readers have to look forward to? I love Westy. Er, Mrs. Weston. What was your first impression of her?
F: Westy is just down to earth. I mean, she runs the house like a General, there is no getting around her, her word is law there. I guess I shouldn't call it a house. She is wonderful though. So very dear. I wish she would retire and just move in, but that isn't done, so she continues to work so she can be with us. She doesn’t have kids of her own, I’m trying to get her story, but she is so tight lipped! And oh my how she loves the boys. *smiles*

K: Well, after Jenn sent part 3 I must say: YOU’RE SUCH A HUSSY!!!! It starts off with some sexiness. What the heck brought this on???
F: I was suddenly terrified that I would be sent away. i know Gideon had promised me that he would not let anyone take me, but I had heard that so many times before and I really had not begun to truly trust in him, yet. I was so scared, I just can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to never know whether you’ll sleep in the same bed twice. So I went to him. Part of me wanted an experience to remember, and part of me wanted to make sure he knew how much I felt for him. A little convincing so to speak. I guess it was a bit of a hussy move, but he certainly showed me.

Coming Soon
K: *blushes* Ahem. Yes. A bit of a hussy move but you go girl! Now let’s move on the Hepplewhatsit. I know you probably hate me for asking but life isn’t all about butterflies and fluffy bits of cotton candy. What was your first reaction to finding out who he was?
F: Sheer panic. He...what he did to Lilly. I really just can’t even talk about how angry he makes me. I don’t even think about him as far as what he has done to me. Because I survived fairly well. I was strong enough and smart enough to get away. Not that Lilly isn’t smart and strong, but she was raised in a time when women weren’t rude to men, much less an aristocrat! I just feel for her. That man, that man took everything from her.

K: Ugh. He’s so gross! I’m putting on my big girl panties and interviewing him next. I’m bringing Jamie for that one. Safety in numbers and all. Plus she wields a mean looking riding crop. Anyway, how did you feel about finding out you had “sisters”? And poor Perry. Drinking...
F: Please do have protection. Perhaps the boys should be there to protect you? Though he might not speak at all. Actually, we shouldn’t tell the boys, they might show up and...well. Hmm. Yes, definitely bring Jamie.

Sisters, well I never had sisters, I had foster siblings but wasn’t anywhere long enough really, except maybe Ava. And the girls seem so much younger than me. It’s funny that in our society once you hit 18 everyone under 18 seems a generation apart. But we have become quite close. Though for awhile I was half expecting them to go turning into other people before I learned— things that I should probably not speak on right now. Can you delete that part?

Anyway we are getting along well. Maybe not as sisters, but at the very least as friends. They need more of a mother figure so that’s where I have fallen.

K: I think I’ll keep that if you don’t mind. I actually do agree with you. Okay. Now on to the fun part. No more talk of Lord Yuckness.

Either/Or (I asked Rox the same questions and he gave his legendary one word answers or glared at me. Heh!)

Boxers or briefs
Well...I’m going with commando. Because he does. INAPPROPRIATE!!

Dogs or Cats
Dogs, big ones.

Singing or playing the piano
Oh, have you hear Perry? There is nothing like it. Piano. Oh sorry I’’m supposed to be doing one word. Sorry. From here on out one word. Promise. Perry and the piano. Don’t even get me started.

Dancing or Riding
Wait, I can’t...riding? No dancing. No riding. Yes...riding.

Wallflowers or Belle of the Ball

Alpha or Beta

Virgin widow or Secret baby
Haha, Secret Baby? Maybe? Gasp! Do you have something to tell me???

19th or 21st century
Wherever my Gideon is. pfft. That was Rox’s answer. I mean, where ever you are.

Heir or Spare

Love or Duty
Love, without a doubt.

Thanks Francine for hanging out with me. You’re wayyyy more talkative and funner than His Grace. But don’t tell him that. He might have me drawn and quartered.

Haha! I won’t tell, but he might see it! Thank you for having us, this little trip to the 21st century has been fun. Now it’s time to get back to Eildon! I can’t wait. Bye Kati!! *waves*

Noooo!!! Take me with youuuuu. *tries to follow* Well. Damn.

TAKEN: The Rake and the Recluse 
A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety.
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue.

How will a powerful Duke deal with a woman who doesn't know her place? How will a woman used to the 21st century survive in time where she is considered property?

THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE Part THREE brings Francine and Gideon closer than they ever imagined possible, until the unimaginable tears them apart. What will Gideon do if he loses her, this time, forever? This is the third installment of the completely revised novel, with all new material.

Francine Larrabee woke up on the wrong side of the century. She was fairly certain she went to sleep in her own comfy bed, but she doesn’t quite seem to be there now. Only adding to her problems is that she has no voice, is constantly being glowered at by a large, stunning man who is obsessed with propriety, and she is apparently betrothed to another horrid little man, determined to ruin her, and any other girls that get in his way.
How does she find herself in the past, when she couldn’t even find herself in her present? How does a self sufficient businesswoman survive in a time when women were still considered property for the whole of their lives and what is she going to do with this man who draws her to him so fiercely.
Okay all you wonderful people, Jenn is giving away the FULL SERIAL NOVEL to one(1) lucky reader. As each installment releases, the lucky winner will get a copy for their e-reader. Here's how to get you hands on this one of a kind illustrated novel:
  • Leave a comment for Jenn about illustrated novels, time travel or sign language.
  • Fill out the rafflecopter form below.
If you follow Jenn's tour here, you'll get a chance at the GRAND PRIZE: a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet (in the form of a giftcard so you can get your own). You can find the giveaway rules here.

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