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Interview with Teresa Medeiros

Confession: I've actually never read a book by Teresa Medeiros until THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS. That's right. Shoot me now because I've been missing out. In Ms. Medeiros' latest release, a dashing adventurer is hired by his brother to rescue his fiancee from a sultan's harem, only to find that his brother's fiancee is the woman he's dreamed of for the last ten years. Let's give her a warm welcome:


Meet Teresa:
New York Times bestseller Teresa Medeiros wrote her first novel at the age of twenty-one, introducing readers to one of the most beloved and versatile voices in romantic fiction. She has appeared on every national bestseller list, including the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly lists. She currently has over ten million books in print and is published in over eighteen languages.

She was chosen one of the "Top Ten Favorite Romance Authors" by Affaire de Coeur magazine and won the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for "Best Historical Love and Laughter". She is a seven-time finalist for the Romance Writer's of America's version of the Oscars--the RITA award, a two-time PRISM winner, and two-time recipient of the Waldenbooks Award for bestselling fiction.

Teresa is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America Honor Roll, Kentucky Romance Writers, and Novelists, Inc. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and her cats Willow and Buffy the Mouse Slayer. Her first contemporary women's fiction novel GOODNIGHT TWEETHEART, a book about a man and woman who meet and fall in love on Twitter, was released in January 2011 and her 22nd novel and latest historical romance THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS was released on December 27, 2011.

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Kati: Who is Teresa Medeiros?
Teresa: Starbucks addict. Cat fancier. Voracious reader without enough time to read. A woman who murmurs, "Oh, captain, my captain" every time she sees Captain Kirk or Captain Malcolm Reynolds from FIREFLY. A lover of all things dark chocolate.
T: I've always been fascinated by the relationship between Marion and Indiana Jones in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. It was obvious from their very first scene together that the two characters had a very rich and passionate history. That's why I decided to create adventurer Ashton Burke and bring him back into the life (and arms) of Clarinda Cardew, the girl he had loved and left nearly ten years before. And what better place for their reunion to take place than a harem? It took George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg almost thirty years to give Indy and Marion their happy ending. I'm not that patient.

K: Tell us a little bit about your hero and heroine.
T: As a kid, Ashton was always the mischief maker and could never live up to father's expectations or his older and more dependable brother Maximillian. He finally decides to embrace his "bad boy" reputation and when we first meet him, he's facing a firing squad after being accused of stealing another man's wife.

Clarinda has adored Ashton since she was a little girl but he doesn't seem to take much notice of her until she blossoms into a beautiful young woman and starts to turn up her nose at him instead of dogging his every step. She's quick-witted and sharp-tongued and has been known to try to hold a gang of rapacious pirates at bay with a hatpin.

K: Twitter style (140 characters or less): What, if any, writing rituals do you have? (blasting music, peace and quiet, lighting candles)
T: A cat in my lap. A vanilla candle glowing in the window. The theme from LAST OF THE MOHICANS (or some other instrumental soundtrack) drifting from the Bose.
Awww. Buffy the Mouse Slayer & Willow Tum Tum

K: What can readers expect next from you?
T: I'm working on the sequel to THE PLEASURE OF YOUR KISS right now. In PLEASURE, Ash's brother Max does a Very Bad Thing to keep Ash and Clarinda apart. So in Max's book, I'm going to introduce him to a prim and proper housekeeper who's going to make sure he gets EVERYTHING he deserves (she purred.) THE TEMPTATION OF YOUR TOUCH will be out this year.

Ashton Burke is a legendary adventurer who has spent the past ten years roaming the globe to forget the girl he left behind. His devil-may-care life is interrupted when he's hired to rescue his brother's kidnapped fiancée from a sultan's harem. Too late, he discovers she is none other than Clarinda Cardew, the very same girl who made off with his jaded heart a decade ago.

The last thing Clarinda wants is to be trapped in a palace of sensual delights with the man whose irresistible kisses still haunt her sleepless nights. Although he vows he is only doing his job, Clarinda quickly realizes that allowing Ashton to rescue her may put her yearning heart in even greater peril. In a journey that takes them from the delicious intrigues of a sultan's court to the glittering ballrooms of London, Ashton and Clarinda resume the steps of their dangerous dance only to discover the most seductive pleasure of all may be love itself.

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A huge thank you to Teresa for sharing her latest release with us and to Pocket Books for providing the review copy.

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