Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Contemporary Review: Sex, Lies and Mistletoe by Tawny Weber

FORMAT: Paperback
GENRE: Contemporary
PUBLISHER: Harlequin (November 15,2011)
ISBN: 9780373796601

He sees her when she’s sleeping…

Undercover DEA agent Caleb Black is home for the holidays—possibly to bust his own father. But maybe Caleb’s con-man dad isn’t the one running drugs through the small town of Black Oak. Maybe it’s the green-eyed goddess who runs the New Age shop and has Caleb under her sultry spell.

Pandora Easton saved the family store with two words: sex sells. And her delectable aphrodisiacs really work, as she’s proven with notorious bad boy Caleb again and again and again. Little does she guess that, in the end, her most potent potion will be the truth….
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I loved it.
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Whoa! Hellooo sexy prodigal son biker dude with a chip on his shoulder with a magic hoo-hoo that induces fourteen orgasms in one night.

Caleb Black ran wild when he was younger, pulling cons with his father and being a total badass with a reputation with his brother. He got tired of that life and joined the DEA. Before retiring, his friend from the FBI pulls the "owe-me card." Now he must go back to his home town (where his family pretty much runs the town) to find out who is responsible for the spike in drug trafficking. The FBI think it's his father but Caleb swears his old man is out of the business. He's gone straight and is running a bike shop (West Coast choppers style).

Pandora Easton has come back to Black Oak to run the New Age store that's slowly failing while her mother is away on a retreat. She's included a cafe where she sells aphrodisiac foods like four-layer Foreplay Chocolate Cake to help drive the sales to save the shop. There's a little something-something in there. The whole town is sexed up with these little morsels of goodness and Pandora gets feedback from the elderly citizens regarding their sex lives. Eww, no thanks.

The moment Caleb walks into Moonspun Dreams decked out in a leather jacket and butt hugging jeans, Pandora is physically attracted to him. He's all sorts of yummy and gorgeous but after getting burned by The Ex, she's cautious about who she hooks up with. The Ex was into some sort of shady dealing and she was implicated. Running away from it all, she heads to Black Oak.

The attraction is instant between Caleb and Pandora and hotter than the fire blazing in the fireplace during the coldest winter day. Caleb wonders if this woman is involved in something illegal, operating from the back of her shop. After a sizzling, panty melting, do-it-with-your-boot-on-cause-you're-too-far-gone night together, Caleb can't believe Pandora has gotten under his skin. His lust meter is sky high and Pandora feels the same. The town gossips have a new rumor to spread and happily do so. The good girl who turned down Sheriff McHottiepants and got together with Biker Bad Boy Caleb Black.

As Caleb and Pandora spent more time together, their feelings change. Caleb feels like an Asshole of The First Order for snooping around trying to find any incriminating evidence that would point to Pandora dealing drugs and using her store as a cover. After all, it's full of New Age woo-woo and people have been acting a little off since indulging in all the aphrodisiac-y treats. Pandora can't believe that she's falling for Caleb. Never again, she'd vowed to herself.

Caleb must clear his father's name as well as Pandora's while sneaking around making sure no one is the wiser about his intentions. Falling for Pandora only complicates things. He's not meant to feel tingly, sugarplum-y feelings. He's freaking Caleb Black, resident Bad Boy for goodness sake! *snort* Merry Christmas Caleb Black, you've just been hit with the magic of the holidays and her name is Pandora Easton.

"Are you looking for a hero?" he asked, mentally rolling his eyes. At the question, because wasn't that what all women were looking for? A mythical guy to sweep them away and make all their dreams come true? And at the idea of him being hero material.

OVERALL: A sexy, sizzling, oh my god!, laugh out loud read. A must add to your Christmas romance book reading list. My first Tawny Weber book and let me tell you, I was fanning myself when Pandora and Caleb were getting their aphrodisiac induced sexy on. This is the first of the Undercover Operatives series and I look forward to the other two Black sibling's books.

***review copy provided by Tawny Weber***

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