Monday, November 21, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Historical Hotties

Good Monday morning to you all. I do apologize in dealing man candy a little late today but yours truly has been scheduling Joyathon posts, packing the whole house (we're moving next month) and packing for Thanksgiving (hellooo Texas! I'll be in you in 3 days). Anywho, enough about me. Let's get to what you came here for: Historical Hotties. Check out Isobel Carr's post on the official Man Candy Monday 2.0 blog. Now you know I will definitely have one, Mr. Henry Cavill in there somewhere. A sampling of Darcy's (yes, Colin Firth will always be Darcy to me but Hollywood likes to do re-makes), a half naked lord or two and maybe just naked men in general.

Don't forget to join us tonight on Twitter at 8PM CST (6,7,9 for the rest of us) to share in our appreciation of the male form. And for the love of coccyx! put a warning on those NSFW pictures. Please, please, please. Our keyboards have taken the brunt of those too sexy pictures (drool, wine, Coke Zero and what other liquids our man candy babes are partaking in while viewing said pictures).

And on to the men...

Yes, I may have gone overboard with the hotties but hey! it's my way to apologizing to you for not having this post up already. Isn't this such a nice apology? I just realized most of these are Austen related and well, I like Austen.

Okay my lovelies. Which Hollywood Hunk did I miss in this lineup of Historical Hotties? Don't forget to join us on Twitter tonight for more deliciousness. Sharing IS Caring.
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